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YouTube for Lead Generation



YouTube Video Advertising for Leads

YouTube advertising gives you an opportunity to reach millions within hours. It boasts over two billion unique users monthly. Because of its popularity, Video ads on YouTube should be part of your media mix. Reasons?

 Advanced targeting
YouTube allows you to create targeted ad campaigns based on category, keyword and topic. Combined with demographic targeting, this improves your chances of reaching people whose interests align with your industry. This means you can create custom audiences that match your ideal customer base.

Save money
Certain YouTube ad types such as TrueView ads have a cost advantage in that you only pay when someone engages with your ad or views it for a certain duration. TrueView In-stream ads works like this: when someone watches at least 30 seconds (if your ad’s longer), then you pay.

Visually engaging
Compelling visuals allow you to instantly capture your audience’s attention, increasing your chances of engaging them.

At NuSpark Consulting, we’ll execute campaigns strategically and with focus, and then utilizing vetted freelancers to build awesome videos (unless we use your team).

Optimizaton for Performance

Optimizing YouTube ads isn’t a one-time task. It’s an ongoing initiative to ensure you reach campaign goals. Our process:
• Create videos within the specifications of the video ad type
• Select keywords your audience searches on YouTube
• Experiment with different times and days to run ads
• Test different bidding strategies
• Try different audiences to test
• Ad format testing

Regarding calls-to-action, of course we need a compelling offer, and a robust landing page to convert traffic. We at NuSpark Consulting focus on conversion optimization to ensure traffic converts as they should; whatever the offer is.  A strong Call To Action in your videos gives the opportunity to your viewers to take action that leads prospects to the landing pages.

Our YouTube creators are located within the Facebook groups Founder Paul Mosenson engages in, and will choose the right creator at the right budget. Growth hacking YouTube creators, coupled with the solid strategy we put together, is a one-two-punch that will drive quality traffic and leads to you.

Oh by the way, if you are in good standing with YouTube/Google and have a history of $50,000 in spend, you can actually add forms to the ads, and generate leads right on YouTube.

Google Ads provided a lead form extension to capture leads in search network campaigns. Google has now introduced a feature on YouTube video ads called YouTube lead form ads. These forms allow advertisers to capture the leads while the user is watching any video. YouTube lead form ads drive leads via in-line form submissions, meaning the user no longer has to navigate away from YouTube to complete a form. The lead form appears when a user clicks on an ad after watching it on YouTube. This shows that the user finds the ad interesting, and now it is time to engage them by asking for their information. These lead forms work with ads on Search, YouTube, and Discovery and are available globally

Contact us and we’ll put together a compelling YouTube campaign that drives engagement, conversions, and leads.

Paul Mosenson has been quite an asset to Lean Factor’s growth. As a nutritional supplement in a crowded space, his strategic plans and executions are second to none.  He managed our search, social, and YouTube campaigns. Plus he developed a lead magnet for leads. Quite recommended!

Jon Parker

Co-Owner, Lean Factor

We hired Paul and his team to manage our digital lead generation program as well as giving our website a facelift to increase our conversions. With Paul’s guidance, our site is much more engaging, and we have seen a strong increase in leads. We were impressed by his marketing knowledge and win-win approach. I’d recommend him to any business looking to grow further.

Ron Richter

CEO, ProFresh