White Label Services

White Label Our Services; and Be More Efficient and Productive

If you’re a CMO or VP of Marketing, or an ad agency executive, you have much on your plate. Among your responsibilities are Go-To-Market strategies, branding, messaging, creative, production, video,trade shows, reporting, website, market research, and much more. You just may need some help with the lead generation and media buying component of your tasks for your firm or clients.

As a long-time marketer, media buyer, digital strategist, and demand generator, Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Consulting, is offering you our services as a white label. Sure, I have my own clients, but through the years I have been successfully acting as a strategic partner to companies such as yours.

My goal is to assist you and your team with whatever you need to fill in the gaps of your media, search, and lead generation programs. As you tour this site you’ll be impressed by the scope of services. Consider myself as your right-hand man, or one of your lieutenants.  I love to partner with companies like yours, and to add value to what you and your team does, affordably, and effectively.

Among my services

  • Paid search
  • Digital online advertising
  • Advanced TV and traditional media buying
  • Lead magnet development and funnel building
  • Cold email setup and management
  • Inbound marketing and media strategy
  • Social media lead generation
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Conversion rate optimization

Why Paul

  • I may be a nice complement to you; another set of eyes, strategic ideation
  • Many years of experience from ad agencies to running my own demand generaton business. Nothing beats experience.
  • Up-to-speed on the latest in ad tech and martech platforms. There’s many out there we use and aware of, and I recommend ones that make sense to your benefit
  • I vet top freelancers and growth hackers on the content and design side, using Upwork, Fiverr, Facebook groups, and others in my network to contribute as needed.
  • Most importantly, my passion to help firms grow is second to none



B2C Media Strategy

B2B Media Strategy

A low-cost CRM/Lead Management Tool I resell

I am at your service, as your strategic Lead Gen CMO, or white label media buyer, so to speak. Adding me to your team as an outsourced expert just makes sense.

Let’s plan a chat. Please fill out the form and Paul will schedule a Zoom call.  I appreciate it.

White label

White label


Typical Results

Category: Ecommerce
Product: Personal Care



Category: B-To-B
Target: Human Resource Execs



Category: B-To-B
Target: CIOs



Category: B-To-c
TYPE: University



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