Information for Potential Guests for What’s My Pipeline?


Hello!  Welcome to the guest introduction to our new live-streaming show called “What’s My Pipeline?” where Paul Mosenson and Brett Julian (more about us below) will welcome you as our guest to share your insights on a marketing, sales, or revenue topic of your choice.

Paul and Brett will of course ask you questions, and even offer alternative POVs, which makes good listening for our planned target audience, Executives and the C-Suite for the SMB market.  It’s new, but we count on guests like you to spread the word, and showcase your own thought leadership in a compelling manner. We’ll work with you on how to share your appearance to your benefit, so your prospects and customers can view your insights.

More about the show is below on the landing page.

As a potential guest, there’s a process we hope you partake in, because producing a show like this almost weekly does take work and effort, but we and you will see the rewards down the line.

Set-Up: During our first planning meeting (our goal is between 5p-7p EST for these) the agenda would be:

  • Explain how the live streaming works with our tool Streamyard, of which you’ll be a temporary user (free of charge) so that we can hook the tool up to your LinkedIn profile, so that when we do a show, your connections will be notified. We plan on recording the show and streaming it on your profile as well as ours for larger reach.
  • Show you LinkedIn events and how to set up the live stream on your profile.  Once we have a topic we will send you artwork so that you can add that image to your event page.
  • Show production. We will then choose a time best for all of us to produce the live stream on Streamyard. The show will be recorded and scheduled, plus available after editing on a show archive page, so that after the show, you can share the link of the show with your thought leadership to your email list, customers, or prospects.  We’ll show you an example.
  • Topic preparing and promotion. Also we will need a headshot of you so we can update the show artwork and use for show promotion.  We’ll show you how to upload on your profile event page. In addition, you’ll receive a sheet, where you’ll write up a bio of yourself, who you target, company, topic description, and a list of at least 5 questions we should ask you, like a podcast.  Because this is video, we can also share slides or images, so you can prepare those as well.
  • And before the actual recording, of course we’ll plan time to rehearse if needed, especially if you have images or slides to show.

Please set up a call with us with Calendly below and let’s do a show!

Get Revenue Growth, Leads, and Sales Insights Like You Never Had Before. Just Wait.  And Watch. Often.

Welcome to our What’s My Pipeline show page. Hosted by Paul Mosenson and Brett Julian (more below) as well as guests when available. What’s My Pipeline will be live-streamed on LinkedIn every Friday at 3p ET. It will also be recorded and saved on our archive website below. So, if you miss a show, we’ll share with you what you missed!
  • Starts Friday January 6.

  • Streams Live Every Friday at 3p EST on LinkedIn

  • All Shows Recorded for Future Watching as Well
  • Shows May Also Be Streamed on our Guest’s LinkedIn Profiles on Other Days


If you are C-Suite

You need to watch us often to get valuable insights on how marketing and sales works together to drive more revenue. Whether you are B2B services, technology, SaaS, manufacturing, or other, you’re sure to receive ideas you can consider for your business.

If you are Marketing or Sales

You need to watch us often to get valuable insights on optimizing what you do, and perhaps we can give you ideas to implement in your organization, whether you are in markeing, sales, or revenue ops.

Upcoming Shows

January 6

The Key to Growth: Marketing & Sales Alignment

.  The Key to Growth: Marketing & Sales Alignment.  Learn better ways and strategies on how marketing and sales can better work together to drive revenue. When prospects show buyer intent (clues of a need) that sets the stage for marketing & sales to continue to educate and solve that prospect’s need with your solution

January 13

Is your website performing? How do you know?

How do you know your website is driving leads as well as it should?  What are the keys to increasing conversion rate.  Your sales team will want to know

January 20

Strategies to customize sales coaching based on rep personalities

Strategies to customize sales coaching based on rep personalities.  All sales reps have varied personalities and we’ll give some tips on general personality traits and how to coach them

Watch Now!

Checkout Our Videos of Past Shows

Check out our archive of past shows; you’ll find one (or more) you like.



Learn from Us and National Thought Leaders. Optimize Your Funnel and Grow!

We’ll discuss message and content.  How are you bulding trust with your prospects? Why should they buy from you? Find out.
Lead Gen
Leads! We discuss demand generation. The channels they use, how to convince them, how to qualify, and how to convert them into real opportunities!
Trials, Demos, Quotes, Appointments. Sales engagement, and sales enablement. We’ll discuss ways to turn prospects into customers with funnels, outbound, and trust-building.
Next, it’s sales process, and how to best do proposals, build relationships with prospects, and how to increase close rates.  We’ll discuss all things that improve sales.

We have much to say!

Meet the Hosts

Brett Julian

Fractional Sales

Watch Brett’s Passion

Brett is an accomplished sales coach for SalesQB, a national group of sales consultants for SMBs. Each week, Brett works with you and your team to improve lead generation, better structure the sales process, leverage sales technologies, create a pipeline model and accountability, and individually coach reps. In detail, he helps drive growth with a 6-step process.  His experience covers many industries.

  • Step 1: Auditing your sales best practice
  • Step 2: Increasing lead generation quantity and efficiency
  • Step 3: Creating a “proven & repeatable sales process” for the company
  • Step 4: Leveraging technology to reduce sales costs and effectiveness
  • Step 5: Improving sales management by installing models, systems, and management
  • Step 6: Improving individual salesperson performance through coaching, mentoring, and training

Paul Mosenson

Fractional Marketing

Watch Paul’s Passion

  • Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Consulting, is a long-time digital marketer and lead generator, helping firms from technology, manufacturing, business services and more, generate quality leads that are close to buying, using strategic lead magnets and trust-worthy messaging to capture qualified prospects that sales teams can engage with and successfully make appointments and close.  Paul’s process:

    • Step 1: Assess and evaluate value proposition, target audiences, and then creates message map
    • Step 2:  Build an offer plan, including lead magnets (guides, eBooks, webinars) to attract prospects with a business problem
    • Step 3: Updates websites and landing pages optimized for conversion-rate or lead capture from all channels
    • Step 4:  Develops a robust lead generation plan covering paid search, SEO, inbound marketing, demand generation, content syndication, cold email outreach, and tele-services.
    • Step 5: Builds a robust funnel that includes a mix of emails and calls to segeue those in consideration-mode to buying-mode.  
    • Step 6:  Measures and optimizes all aspects of the buyer’s journey from click to close

And a Guest!

A sales, marketing, or C-Suite guest
Many shows will include a guest or two, as we discuss lead generation, sales management, and revenue growth together. We will ask questions, challenge, and get some real insight based on experience and skill-set.  Can’t wait.


Listen. Be Entertained. And Get Strategic Insights to Scale Your Business

Lots of topics. Lots of insights. Lots of pointing fingers? Maybe. But you need to grow leads, sales, and customers. We have a lot to say.  Join us.

Example Sales Topics

* How do you project closing rates
* What is sales enablement and describe the benefits
* How do sales build trust with prospects
* Is texting a good outreach ploy?
* The anatomy of a 1st touch conversation
* What does a Sales Coach actually do?
* Automation vs human touch- do both?
* Ways sales can help marketing drive performance
* Sales enablement tools- why you need them
* CRM solutions- how to choose and optimize

Example Marketing Topics

* What’s an ideal website format that converts
* What are buyers really looking for
* Demo, Trial, Assessment, Consultation, Call Us- what’s best?
* Do I need to rebrand?
* What is conversion rate optimization
* Cold email- is it worth it?
* You’re doing search marketing wrong- why?
* What are the best lead magnets that convert?
* How can you really use LinkedIn for sales
* Keys to driving attention to your solution

It’s time to grow in 2023

Add What’s My Pipeline to your Calendar so you can watch us as often as you wish!

Nothing to lose. Revenue to gain. Leads to capture. Customers to sign-up. Sales to close. In 2023; the ultimate and most entertaining, informative show of the year.  At least we think so. You’ll see.

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Some Praise

“I used to get frustrated about all our missed opportunities, whether it was salespeople blowing a deal or just never having the time to get around to all the work that needed to get done. Now my salesQB handles everything for me. Sales are up, and my stress is way down.”
Mike Kuepper

Owner, Party Direct

“I worked directly with Brett in a sales capacity over a two year period. Additionally, I have known him over twenty years. Brett is a detail oriented, pragmatic, ethical, entrepreneur with tremendous drive, discipline and tenacity. He has thrived at every endeavor he pursued and I would strongly recommend him for any results oriented venture.”
Mark Schroeder

Strategic Advisor, Governance Solution Group

“Paul Mosenson has been an invaluable asset to our growth at Zibtek. As our Fractional CMO he helped us fine-tune our messages and value prop, improved our cost-per-lead from all of our marketing channels, and helped us generate new quality leads with content marketing programs.  He’s recommended highly for any firm looking to grow further. “
Cache Merrill

Founder, Zibtek

“Paul Mosenson is a fantastic lead generation expert. He got our new website content live with an awesome value proposition, and even included an explainer video. He then developed a robust lead gen plan with search, inbound, outbound and a lead magnet ebook to drive new. For any firm looking to grow and generate quality leads to the sales teams, I highly recommend Paul as a marketing partner.”
Alex Carnevale

VP, Techadox