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It’s almost over; 2020. (whew!) There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Not just for the World, but for your business as well, especially if you’ve experienced, like so many, a downturn that has caused crisis and panic in your organization. The clarity and confidence you once had as a leader has slipped this past year, as you managed the troubled waters.

2021 will be a transition year. We’ve all made adjustments. We’ve restructured. We’ve all made hard decisions. We’ve experienced anxiety and stress. We’ve pivoted business models for now. But we’re weathering the storm. We just need to.

In my world, 2020 has been a transition for me also, as a thought leader on demand generation and digital marketing, and one who continues to grow and build relationships. A few reasons to be thankful for in 2020, and how those reasons can benefit a firm like yours. Those reasons are categorized by a keyword:


When firms are struggling to adapt because of the current disruption, the concept of business transformation should now be in your limelight. Thank you to Boris Blum, for allowing me to join your executive team at MY-CEO, as Chief Marketing Officer, to begin our journey to helping businesses make changes in their organizations when it comes to cash flow and leadership training, as well as marketing processes, with the goal to help your business turnaround and thrive.


When I typically onboard a new client, I ask many questions to gain clarity on their business and to begin developing a robust strategy to turn their revenue growth around. I work with the stakeholders to enable a vision that will drive leads and sales with my unique and robust process called Buyers’ Journey Optimization. It has become my theme this year, and it’s a program that optimizes all the marketing components needed to drive growth; from message to channel to conversion. Be interesting. Be trustworthy. Be relevant. Thank you to clients who have gone through the journey optimization process.


Shockingly I do not know everything about everything (: But from a marketing perspective, it’s always best to have great minds together to help formulate growth strategies. Yes, you can hire me to begin your road to increased marketing ROI, and with that you get a group of other Fractional CMOs and the combined brainpower as well to begin that process. Thank you to Mark Magnacca, Founder of gigCMO, an international team of Fractional CMOs, that work with me to ensure your marketing direction is sound and actionable. Also to partner Siyuan Ren. The gigCMO Roundtable program is the ideal way to begin your growth process and supports the direction we choose together.


Revenue generation is just one component of a business turnaround, but also market positioning, cost reduction, tools for profit, digital transformation, culture and workplace agility, and supply-chain management. Thank you Andrew Ortyn, Founder of Philadelphia-area based Nimble-Leader, a team of thought practitioners and management consultants that help mostly manufacturing firms maximize profit, fast, by allowing me to contribute to the growth of the alliance and drive leads to ourselves and to clients.


I give my all, even when clients go in other directions. It’s the professionalism I bring. Recently a local client, Holy Family University, hired a new VP of Marketing, and with that, hired her own marketing people despite the success me and the marketing team at Idea Hut and Clark Communications contributed to the growth of the University over the years. We drove new user traffic and new applications leaps and bounds. I am proud of the contributions I and the team have made to the University, and I do wish them well. I am sharing our last presentation; where the innovative ideas continued to the last day, utilizing video testimonials and influencers to drive apps in 2021.


Yes in 2020 I became a full-fledged growth-hacker! A growth hacker is someone who uses creative, low-cost strategies to help businesses acquire and retain customers. With the impetus from growing start-ups in the eCommerce space this past year, I decided to use the term growth in my profile and my current and future messaging. It’s not an old term, but a relevant one. I have hundreds of tools covering video marketing, funnel building, CRM, designer platforms, process visualizations, referral, and viral platforms, content creation, landing pages, and much more. Thank you to Zapier for allowing me to orchestrate lead and sales generation programs!



Of course, continued success to my daughter Emily, a successfull SDR at high-tech tele-services/ pipeline generating firm Prophet Logic. Stay safe and continue to work hard. I am proud of you.


Revenue Growth in 2021. A new concept coming. Just wait……… (: Happy Thanksgiving.

If you’d like to chat more about business growth, set up a call with me, Paul Mosenson, here, or email me.