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As a Fractional CMO, with near 40 years of marketing growth experience, Paul Mosenson, of NuSpark Consulting, is well-positioned to work with start-ups to escalate their business to new heights.  He understands the challenges, confirming market need, building optimizing media tests quickly, and driving revenue in a crowded market.

So maybe he is one of the oldest growth hackers! No worries because nothing beats experience, and he loves what he does

A growth hacker is someone who uses creative, low-cost strategies to help businesses acquire and retain customers.  A typically new field in marketing, growth hacking combines lead generation tools, data and low cost martech to grow businesses.  Growth Hacking is ideal for startups because of the limited budgets and resources, but it also lends itself to larger firms as well.


As a consultant for you:

  • Paul focus’s solely on marketing strategies related to growing businesses like yours
  • He hypothesizes, prioritizes, and tests innovative growth tactics using a mix of content, tools, and aggressive funnel building to drive leads and sales.
  • He consistently analyzes and tests to see what’s working.

Being a senior-level consultant, He typically works with your existing partners (designers, writers, social media people) or He would find new ones from either his contacts or free-lance websites and social media groups.


As a strategic partner He will:

  • Build media and lead generation programs; for B2B, retail, or eCommerce.
  • Evaluate the best low-cost tools to manage your marketing programs.
  • Assist your team with funnel building, landing page and email content that drives conversions.
  • Consistently evaluate and optimize campaign results and tweak consistently.


And he keeps up-to-speed on the latest tools that easily and cost-effectively solve marketing problems.   Content development- influencer outreach – contests – video – sales engagement – social media!

One more thing. He is also a tech-founder. He has his own sports app on the app stores and can market your app as well; so that’s a bonus!

Let’s grow together.  Let’s plan a discovery call and discuss your needs. 

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Paul Mosenson has been integral part of our start-ups by contributing to their strategic direction with thoughtful and compelling recommendations and insights.  He’s much more than a fractional CMO; he builds landing pages, implements lead gen programs and optimizes them regularly, and is always offering new ideas that contribute to our success. And, we’re impressed by his negotiating skills and his attention to detail.  For any start-up ready to grow further, I recommend Paul highly!

Corey Park, Founder & Chairman, Academic Technology Ventures

Typical Results

Category: Ecommerce
Product: Personal Care



Category: B-To-B
Target: Human Resource Execs



Category: B-To-B
Target: CIOs



Category: B-To-c
TYPE: University