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A Suite of Video Tools That Increase Conversion Rates

Video testimonials can make the difference between lead capture or “never mind.” SparkVideo is essential.

Client Video Testimonials

Did you know landing pages with video testimonials can increase conversion rate over 60%?


We produce these remotely; with state of the art video recording tools with high resolution. You get us the clients; we’ll do the rest.  Coach, script, perform Q&A, edit, and produce professionally.  At a fraction of the cost of videographers on location.

Customer Testimonials.

Less polished; but just as effective.

We use a video platform where customers can log in on their phone or computer to produce their own testimonial videos. Then we can choose which ones we like best for marketing. Like influencer marketing platforms, but on your website or landing page,

Passion Videos

Showcase your solution by delivering a passionate persuasive video for your website

People buy from people. And if you’re in a crowded space, sometimes getting your business on the short list is because of a video showcasing your value proposition and passon. Like the client testimonials, we’ll produce these with you, with the end result, more leads.

One of our favorite testimonial tools is  Boast’s all-in-one video testimonial software makes it easy to capture and share praise so you can build trust with prospects and increase sales.  Plus we can use them for our TV/video ads we build for you as needed.

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