Data-Driven Media Buying

A team of accomplished media buying growth experts to support our strategies

 Yours truly, Paul Mosenson, is supported by a robust team of digital buyers who constantly optimize based on results!



Ad Planning

We’ll work with your creative team (or ours) to build ads for multiple platforms


Our plan will include all the creative elements needed to build a performance marketing plan. Display, Video, Native, Audio, Social, Outdoor, Shopping, and more.  Ad elements include the message itself, the offer, multiple sizes, and CTAs. 

Ad Targeting

Build targets covering demos, geo, interests, as a prelude to plan execution.

Of course we’ll focus on your key target audiences covering a variety of segments and layers. We’ll also use our 3rd party data tools like LiveRamp for more robust targeting of audiences most likely to respond to messaging.

Ad Reporting

Platform reporting to make the right decisions on.  Everything is tracked. 


We’ll take an omni-channel approach to reporting to gather insights covering the entire buyer’s journey from click to conversion. Data is refreshed constantly to give us accurate measurement all the time.

Unique Option: Retargeting TV

Reach people on TV like never before

Retarget the people who see your ads on TV across popular websites, social platforms, and podcasts. Expand your reach beyond the TV with retargeting campaigns that re-engage viewers who visit your website.  Contact us to learn more.
Imagine reaching your TV viewers wherever they are on the web.

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