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For Software Development Firms

Generate Leads Closer to Buying and Close More Deals


Software Development Lead Generation Services

As a software development firm, you need a minimum amount of ongoing business to keep your developers engaged and your revenue at least maintained.  That means an ongoing process of generating leads who are in the market for a firm such as yours.  We talk about finding leads with clues they need a solution throughout our website, and that pertains to software development as well.

A consistent, effective lead generation programs is the key to keep your business going.  At NuSpark, our lead generation programs are unique but effective in the marketplace.  We’re not talking SEO, because that’s a crapshoot. We’re talking leads that you’ll be in front of to build relationships BEFORE they use search engines.  That’s the key to our lead magnet programs.

White papers, webinars, guides, etc. offer prospects an opportunity to learn more about their needs, and how to choose the right firm for their software projects.  The targets who digest this trustworthy content are more likely to engage in your firm, because of the value you bring them.

The follow-up marketing and sales cadences are critical to segue prospects in consideration mode to desire. At NuSpark we are proven and skilled at building such robust funnels, mixing emails, calls, and social outreach, strategically and focused.  It’s all about what we call the PSO process:  Problem-Solution-Offer, in every outreach.

According to Forrester Research, when you nurture leads, you can increase sales by 50%, and prospects that have sufficient information tend to cost less — around 33% lower.

Your goal should include identifying customer pain points and their concerns or objections, to overcome any barriers. Based on this, you can offer answers that satisfy these issues. Delivering trustworthy content through insightful blogs and targeted email campaigns are critical. We manage this for you.

Among  our services for your industry are:

  • Review your buyer’s needs and who they are, and how they seek out products
  • Assess your website, and make changes if necessary, to increase engagement, and conversion rates
  • Develop a lead-generating marketing plan including conversion optimization, lead magnets such as content downloads, offer tactics, email nurture programs and more.

We also want to ensure marketing and sales teams are on the same page as far as lead definitions and content/offer strategy and utilize your CRM together in order to better close the qualified leads we get your firm. Together we’ll build a consistent inbound pipeline of qualified leads to you.


Below are two lead magnets I built for a former Software Development client that produced superlative results.

Make note, that there would be no conflict; as Fractional CMO I did my job, and their sales team is managing the leads now.

This lead magnet’s goal was to communicate to potential buyers what the agile development process is, and educate why a firm that follows the process is the best solution. Of course Zibtek’s focus on development was agile development. 



This lead magnet’s goal was to educate to prospects simply, how to choose the right software firm, what to look for and evaluate, in order to make an informed decision.  This magnet targets those actively looking for a firm, and we generated near 400 leads over 6 months; and the cost per opportunity was much less than previous marketing programs.  A true winner.  

Paul Mosenson has been an invaluable asset to our growth at Zibtek. As our Fractional CMO he helped us fine-tune our messages and value prop, improved our cost-per-lead from all of our marketing channels, and helped us generate new quality leads with content marketing programs.  He’s recommended highly for any firm looking to grow further.

Cache Merrill

CEO, Zibtek

I am Paul Mosenson.  Over 35 years driving leads with strategic marketing and media plans across all forms of businesses B2B, B2C, and of course, Software Development.  As a Fractional CMO or Growth Advisor,  or even as an outsourced Media Director, I will work with your team to build campaigns that separate you from the competition, with an increased opportunity to build relationships with prospects, and increase quotes and sales.


Bottom- line; if you need more leads, you Better Call Paul


Lead Generation Process

Confirm your Targets

Let’s make sure Sales and Marketing are on the same page with your ideal customer profiles (ICP) or target audiences.  Influencers and decsion-makers are equally important.

Value Proposition

Next, confirming or developing what makes you different, but valuable! Get on the short list and drive sales opportunities.  It’s your elevator pitch. Why should I become a customer?

Headaches You Cure

By understandng your buyer personas, we’ll have a list of problems your prospects have, and how you solve them.  It’s how content lead gen works. Solve problems.

Lead Magnet

With a must-have lead magnet, ideal prospects will give up their email address to learn about your solutions.  The key to generating leads with clues they need you! Now close the deal.

Demand Gen Plan

Now to find the prospects.  Search marketing, social media, inbound marketing, eBlasts, content syndication, directories.   The focus is promoting solutions to problems, to attract mid and bottom funnel leads.

Powerful Landing Page

Convert those leads into prospects with powerful landing pages written and designed for high conversion rate. Showcase benefits, trust, and proof.  Convince to click. Convince to convert.

The Follow-up Funnel

Content leads captured.  Now segue them into appointments, quotes, purchases or trials.  That means a robust funnel mixing emails, calls, & texts. Build trust & continue to show how problems are solved!

CRM & Optimization

All activity will be tied into your CRM  (or use our custom one), plus advanced campaign tracking so we can optimize and maximize ROI.  Spend wisely and grow significantly.

Paid Search

Paid search on Google or Bing targets those actively seeking a solution, although search engines do not target titles or industries, but promoting content will get you higher conversion rates, and then sales can begin relationships.



eBooks/White Papers/Webinars

As mentioned across the site, lead magnets bring your firm leads that have business problems.  I work with sales to engage with these leads, then to transform them into opportunities.


Intent Signals

I partner wth data platforms that crawl the Internet for web page topics, keywords, and content, then reverse engineer IP addresss and unique user IDs to ascertain companies and prospects researching your solutions, then we market to them.


Site Visitor Intel

There’s tools available that when iplemented, can track companies visiting your website, then again, reverse engineering to ID those companies and find contact info of those most likely to be visiting, then we send them messages!


Paul Mosenson is a fantastic lead generation expert. He got our new website content live with an awesome value proposition, and even included an explainer video. He then developed a robust lead gen plan with search, inbound, outbound and a lead magnet ebook to drive new. For any firm looking to grow and generate quality leads to the sales teams, I highly recommend Paul as a marketing partner

Alex Carnevale

VP, Techadox

Let’s Grow Your Business and Start the Lead Generation Process. Discovery Call First

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