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It’s no secret how important Google is to a buyer or prospect.  When a trigger event occurs at a prospect’s company that causes an influencer to use Google to look for a solution, they will likely perform two kinds of queries:

Information Seek:  This prospect may not be ready to buy now but is reviewing search results based on a typical “how” query. They ae looking for answers; and that means content. Blogs, articles, PDFs, white papers that help answer the prospect’s questions is the first step in offering trust and an introduction to a buyer.  This is the importance of content SEO.

Solution Seek:  This prospect is considered “bottom funnel” because he/she is now looking for a solution provider or vendor to seek out the answer.  The prospect is using keywords like “solutions, vendors, firms, companies” and more.  Google’s algorithm gives favoritism to local firms in the buyer’s area, and that’s significant.

Search Engine Optimization covers everything a website needs to do to optimize keyword rank; there’s the technical side, the content side, and the external link side, to name three.

So, I am offering a free audit of your website and keyword ranking.  It’s free so it won’t be too detailed, but enough to give you key insights on what needs to be done for increased product/service findability by search engines.


Audit Categories

  • Search engine crawlability
  • Indexation issues
  • Relevant keyword ranking analysis and trends
  • On-page checks- page titles, tags, URL structure
  • Deep on-page crawl issues
  • Duplicate content
  • Page structure/SEO friendly formatting
  • Site speed
  • Structured data issues
  • Site map optimization
  • Search Console review
  • Backlink profile
  • Broken links
  • Mobile optimization test
  • Code issues



What Next?

My goal is to begin an engagement with you; and offer marketing consultant services as described on the website. I’ll work directly as your outsourced CMO, or in a consultancy role with your team. My wish is to contribute to your growth.

Among my services offered is SEO, and coupled with paid media, when optimized correctly, can boost the amount of leads and sales to your firm, and increase ROI.

Therefore, please sign up, and we’ll start with an initial discovery session on your products, services, and current benchmarks.



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