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Marketing attracts leads. Sales qualifies them, accepts them, and is responsible for closing.

However, your sales team may need some help to find, engage, and close prospects. That’s why we’re offering this our program: Sell-Assist.  It’s an offering that gives your team extra assistance with business development efforts.  Our approaches will contribute to more engaged prospects, and that means higher win rates and achievable quotas

Sell-Assist encompasses four key components:

Appointment Setting

Whether it’s your list, or a list we research and buy for you, our alliance teams of tele-services professionals are expert at finding potential prospects, reaching out to them for potential appointments for your team, or following-up with/tele-nurturing active prospects.

Additionally, our breadth of services is second-to-none.  Certainly we have years of experience targeting IT, but also EMEA coverage.

Our appointment-setting philosophy is this:  We understand prospects are busy and can react negativity to aggressive outreach. Therefore we implement our call and email cadences strategically as to not overwhelm.  Our services are flexibile pending need, company size, and budget.

We also use many of the tools below to find the right contacts, with the right intent and need, for our outreach.

We are your inside sales team, or an extension of an existing team.


Prospect Search & Manage

This service actually covers three segments of prospect management and allows us to utilize various tools (new to you or your existing ones) to manage your pipeline.

  • Prospect/Sales Engagement. The goal of sales engagement is to build better relationships with buyers and close more deals by combining educational and personalized content sharing with an optimal follow-up sales cadence.  We help to manage follow-up cadences to ensure prospects are being touched on an ongoing basis. We’ll assist in building sales funnels that cover emails, calls, LinkedIN messages, and other follow-up campaigns. Popular tools are Salesloft, AutoKlose, Outreach. Mailshake, DealHub. Many of these tools use AI for intelligent follow-up as a way to engage better. We also like Conversica in this space.  One other tool worth mentioning is Sendoso.  Sendoso actually sends direct mail and swag to prospects, as part of an engagement campaign, and works with many of the tools mentioned here.
  • Prospect Search. Finding new email leads can be a daunting task. We use a variety of tools that can offer you verified prospects. The ones we choose will depend on need, options, and budget. For instance, with our favorite tool, Everstring, we can combine look-a-like audiences from your CRM with companies that are actively researching your services to find only the most relevant contacts. For IT prospecting, Tech Target’s Priority Engine platform combines technology need intent with a contact database of users looking for those IT products. There are many other email list providers; of which we’ll recommend what’s best for you.
  • Prospect Manage. The CRM is the lifeblood of your business. However, managing it can be daunting. We utilize data scientists to clean your database and append it so it’s accurate. After that, we put together a sales-funnel strategy with for specific segments, with custom content and offers. Examples of segments are: high-value, dormant, current, and former (for win-back campaigns).


LinkedIn Social Selling

Whether your team has Sales Navigator (preferred) or not, LinkedIn is a great tool to find and engage with prospects as well as clients. We help Sales teams manage LinkedIn engagement as well. Categories include profile optimization, content sharing strategy, maximizing all of the search functions to your benefit, and message outreach management. We also may suggest some automated tools that can help (but use at your own risk). We’ll train you; no worries.


Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing your sales teams with the information, content, and tools that help them engage with buyers and sell more effectively. The foundation of sales enablement is to provide sellers with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process.

By using a sales enablement platform, presentations and pitches are customized for all your specific target audiences. When buyers are presented relevant content to them, engagement, and revenue increases.

We’ll work with your team to learn the platform, build (copy and design) the custom messaging, and deploy your presentations on the cloud, so they are always updated.

Our sales enablement platform of choice is Mediafly, of which we are official resellers. But, since the approaches are generally similar, we can help with other tools you may already have, like Seismic, Showpad, or Mobile Locker.

If you’re interested in any or all of the components of Sell-Assist, please fill out the form, and we’ll have a discovery call. Your sales team can use the help, especially now.


Developing & Curating Content for Sales Teams

So, many of the services and platforms require developing or curating relevant content for sharing with prospects.  There’s a strategy to this.  In fact, much of the content you share can include promotional elements as well. This is why we recommmend our tool, UpContent, which finds only the best content, for prospect sharing via email and social, and for usage in sales presentations like Mediafly as mentioned earlier.



BTW, if you are a Sales Consultant..

Our services can also be white-labeled via a sales-consultancy firm. Feel free to inquire and learn more.

How This Works

  • We have a discovery call. Let’s learn about your firm, your current KPIs, your target audiences and segmenting tactics, your marketing and sales alignment approach, and more.
  • I’ll review your needs, and then once engaged, I’ll coordinate demos of the tools if any are of interest, and introduce you to tele-services alliances if necessary.
  • If any platform is of interest, I’ll negotiate pricing, and be the conduit between the tool and your firm’s team. I’ll work with you to implement and manage the tools properly. Plus, I utilize an expert team of sales writers to complement your team if needed.
  • Management costs are custom; based on need and scope, but very reasonable.

And of course you’ll learn about me, Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Consulting, with over 35 years of lead generation experience.

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