Self-Serve Advertising Platforms




In this age of ad platforms left and right popping up, it’s no surprise that self-serve platforms are also increasing within the landscape. Self-serve advertising helps to reduce the costs and concerns typically associated with finding the right advertising platforms, by allowing clients or buyers to take control over every aspect of their marketing campaigns.  Some of the benefits of self-serve are:

  1. More control

Self-serve advertising allows you to choose and manage every aspect of a marketing program, from the audience you want to track and target, creatives, placement tactics, budgets by campaign, and optimization strategies.

  1. More Options

There are many choices to choose from when determining what ad platforms to choose from. Many have no minimum contracts; so, you can test, cancel, and reallocation to other platforms to test of necessary.

  1. No Minimal Spend on Many

Typically for large advertisers, they are best served by account managers, provided managed services so you can focus on other marketing endeavors. For mid-size and lower budgets, many self-serve platforms have no minimal spends, which is a big advantage for many advertisers.

Lately even traditional media have begun offering self-serve ad platforms and am sure more to follow.  Below is a sampling of some old and newer self-serve ad platforms that have no or low minimal spends

The Most Common


Programmatic Display


Native Advertising




Other Digital Channels


Programmatic TV


Programmatic Radio


Programmatic Out of Home


Programmatic Print Media


Certainly the above is just the beginning as automation platforms continue to grow.  As with any platform however, it’s the strategy and the humans managing the platform that makes these work effectively.