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Sales Leadership Partnership Approach

Unlike every other marketing consultant/Fractional CMO out there, Paul continues the revenue growth process by aligning with sales consultants and Fractional sales officers all across the country. He understands the relationship between marketing and sales, and why working together means faster and better growth.

Paul preaches marketing and sales alignment.  It’s critical and his focus for your revenue growth. The benefits of marketing and sales working together:

  • Achieve a better understanding of the customer (demos, needs, desires)
  • Sharing of customer feedback (offers, role in decision processes, customer priorities, etc.)
  • Better engagement between both departments (messaging, outreach plan, lead outcomes, targeting pivots)
  • Clearer mapping of the customer journey (marketing and sales funnel and cadence alignment; better campaign execution.

Paul partners with sales leadership, sales consultants, and organizations like Sales Xceleration and SalesQB to manage the leads he generates for your firm.  We manage CRMs together, sales engagement, sales enablement, and overall sales acceleration.

Paul makes sure he is on the same with Sales and the C-Suite. We agree on:

  • Current business situation at a prospect’s firm. What’s happening that you can potentially help with?
  • If they bought your service, what will their desired business outcome be?
  • What happens if they do not; the consequences?
  • What are the other positive business benefits if a prospect engages

This is the foundation of your marketing, message, and lead generation strategy.

It’s a true team effort, and that means more effective revenue growth for your firm, whether it’s general B2B, manufacturing, or SaaS/software.



B2B firms with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster three-year revenue growth, and 27% faster three-year profit growth, according to SiriusDecisions.

Highly aligned organizations achieved an average of 32% year-over-year revenue growth– while their less aligned competitors saw a 7% decrease in revenue, according to an Aberdeen Group study.

Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing functions enjoyed 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher sales win rates, according to MarketingProfs.