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A partnership opportunity- from NuSpark Consultng Founder Paul Mosenson

Generate More Revenue from Your Sales Consultancy


If your clients generated more and better leads, and you gave them more opportunity for revenue growth, how would you feel?

If you’re a sales consultant or coach, we could align, marketing & sales together, and provide you more services to your clients or prospects. Think about it. Sure, you can offer what you do best to help sales teams sell, but the amount and/or the quality of the leads coming into your client’s business may be lacking.

That’s where I come in, Paul Mosenson, Lead generator and Fractional CMO, with over 35 years’ experience driving leads and sales. By having someone like me supporting you and your clients, you can provide more value to them, or add a unique value prop when pitching business, by including me and my services in your pitch.

It’s a win-win-win.

If you’re hungry or have capacity to drive more revenue, close more clients, or add additional value to your current clients, you may be interested in exploring the opportunity to form a relationship with me, Paul Mosenson, NuSpark Consulting.

Take a look around this site and see my services; you’ll see everything I do is about convincing prospects to click and convert.  You finish the job.  Marketing and sales should be aligned, right?

Next step is to chat, learn about each other, and create a relationship framework.  Nothing to lose. Revenue to gain.


Let’s Chat

If all this sounds intriguing, let’s set up a call with my scheduling link on Calendly and set the stage to having you and your clients sleeping better at night.


“Paul Mosenson has been an invaluable asset to our growth at Zibtek. As our Fractional CMO he helped us fine-tune our messages and value prop, improved our cost-per-lead from all of our marketing channels, and helped us generate new quality leads with content marketing programs.  He’s recommended highly for any firm looking to grow further.”

Cache Merrill

Founder, Zibtek

“We weren’t getting  many leads on my Sempercon website. We contacted Paul and his team to assess and optimize our digital marketing. Soon we received an updated website that was much more compelling to our target audience, and that included video as well. We also begain a paid search campaign. Thanks to NuSpark out visibility has increased as well as our conversion rate.  I’d recommend Paul to any form that needs a better marleting strategy.”  

Rick O'Brien

Partner, SemperCon

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