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Paid Search Management for B2B & Lead Generation

Paul’s Approach to Paid Search for Lead Generation

Paul Mosenson is a media buying/digital channel specialist, and has been buying media for much of his career.  Certainly there’s many digital buyers out there, but with his experiences driving quality leads efficiently, you may consider relying on Paul’s skill-set and approach to digital lead generation. Many of his clients over the years have all improved paid media performance with Paul at the helm.

All campaigns are focused on generating the highest conversion rate possible.  Landing pages and offers need to be powerful.  Keywords and ads aligned with a focus on the benefits of your company.  And we would create two campaign categories:

  • Mid-Funnel leads. Keywords usually include “what” and “how.” Prospects are looking to learn more about solutions to their business problems.  Offers such as white papers and guides generate leads that in turn can be nurtured into opportunities.
  • Bottom-Funnel leads.  Keywords usually include “schools” “quotes” “rates” “companies” “solutions”  “software” and other specific product needs.  These prospects are searching for firms or services that can solve their business problems. They are closer to buying; so your company better make the short list of vendors.  We help you do that.


Here’s a more complete list of intent categories


Because we are focused on conversions, we help you to understand how media drives conversions and thus we optimize the campaign structure, ad groups, keywords, bids, targeting and ad copy to maximize performance. Campaigns are consistently tweaked to reach your goals such as:

  • Conversion-rate
  • Cost-Per-Conversion
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Paul is Google-certified in search advertising, mobile advertising (including in-app), video advertising (YouTube), display advertising, Google Shopping, and Google Analytics.  His deep knowledge of advanced features will help him test and increase your campaign’s performance.

Typical Process:

  • PPC search audit and discovery session to ensure we understand your goals and what tactics will work best for your business
  • Set goals to develop a custom strategy that will best achieve those goals
  • Optimize for conversions: As necessary, test new tactics, bid strategies, campaign settings, and review messaging to learn what maximizes conversions for your business.
  • Utilize retargeting to bring prospects back to your website and landing pages to increase conversions

Paul’s one goal: to boost your revenue or leads by delivering highly personalized paid search experiences that attract prospects who are most likely to buy.

Complete List of Optimizations