Paul Mosenson:  Fractional Media Director/Buyer:

It’s all about Performance & Results

Media Planning & Buying is my passion. Always has been. And the focus is combining my experience, data, and the right strategy to bring you the results you desire. I do it all. That’s how I learn. That’s how I recommend channels.  That’s how I plan & buy the most powerful media campaigns to your benefit.

Whatever marketing or media plan I put together, once implemented and tracked, you’ll have the answer to the question:

Did it work?

Paul explains the difference between a trackable-results driven media buy vs. branding.

I am Paul Mosenson. Founder of NuSpark.  Welcome to Media Spark.  By having me manage your media planning and buying, I will answer the question- “did it work?”  

An overview of results-driven media buying

 It’s all about performance.  It’s all about ROI.  It’s all about results. Take a look around….

Digital & Traditional Media Buying- It’s About Lead & Sales Generation. That’s it.  And, Paul’s Fees are based on retainer or hourly.  No Wasteful Media Mark-Ups.

Performance Media Campaigns

Founder Paul Mosenson focuses on lead generation and performance media buying. It’s all about driving targeted eyeballs to ads that result in quality clicks, leads, store visits, and sales, and tracking mediums, messages, and offers.


Cost-Effective Media Buying

Choosing the right media channels and executing them properly with efficient pricing is both an art and a science. Luckily, Paul has many years’ experience planning and buying media for clients of all types and sizes, utilizing traditional and digital media.

Paul’s goal is to choose the media vehicles that are most likely to grab the eyes and ears of your target audience. And once you get those site visits, He’ll work with your team or his team to optimize conversion rates and landing pages, meaning more leads, and more customers.


Every media and marketing channel chosen will be tracked and analyzed on an ongoing basis. Your goal is to generate cost-effective leads that will become customers. This is what Paul does.  Every channel, message, and offer is tracked via vanity URLs to your website, custom phone numbers, or texting with keywords. This is not about branding. This is direct response at its best. Your growth needs a buyer like Paul Mosenson to maximize your ROI.

How about Branding Media?

Of course. Branding campaigns that mix with promotional campaigns are ideal, and both should be part of a media plan. Where most of what we do is promotional and trackable, advertising on linear TV and over-the-air radio, with laser-focued targeting, and the ability to negotiate low rates and added value, is a strength of Paul’s.


For B2C a number of options

There’s many channels to pick from, and your plan will be comprehensive and strategic. It’s all about results.

Direct Response TV

Any ad with a call-to-action is considered DRTV. That means cheaper rates and an eye on performance.

OTT and Connected TV

Digital TV via apps and devices has taken off, and is a viable option to reach smart TV viewers and mobile viewers.

Addressable TV

Data is huge with cable TV strategy, and being able to “geo-fence” and target segments via focused messaging is powerful.

Paid Search

It goes without saying how important search engine marketing is. It reaches those prospects actively seeking a solution. Is it you?

Display Advertising

Typically used for branding and retargeting, but there are many ways to target specific audiences with display that can drive response.

Social Media Advertising

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. Lots of opportunities for targeted advertising here. Follow me?

Radio Streaming

Spotify, Pandora, iHeart, and more. Reach targeted audiences actively listening. And all is tracked to optimize performance.


Satellite radio continues to be an effective medium for direct response. It’s huge for in-car listening.

Other Placements

Reddit? In-app advertising? Digital outdoor?  Direct marketing and mail? If it makes sense, it’s on the plan.

On-Air Radio

On-air radio buying by market or multi-market. Specific dayparts or remnant.  Love to negotiate!

Broadcast TV

Local TV spots placements. Been doing it since the 80s!  Still a valid place to advertise.


Newspapers, magazines, in-mail coupons.  Still exist and can be effective with the right audience.

Media Planning Process


Discovery Research

I’ll take a deep dive into your target audiences for each product or service, and the benefits of your firm vs. others.  Need to know your prospects’ wants, needs, and desires, plus media consumption channels

Goals & Objectives

As a team, we’ll identify, plan, and validate your goals, budgets, timeframes, and set the stage for measurement.  Budgets, flowcharts, and strategies will all be monitored consistently

Creative Assessment

Media & Creative need to be aligned for top performance. Whether it’s your creative team or mine, I will review for quality assurance that creative is powerful to drive attraction and clicks, and that websites or landing pages are optimized for conversion. We’re a team!

Offers & Testing

A key component in driving leads and sales of course is the offers. We’ll review and put together an offer strategy; and that can include lead magnets, discounts, added-value, and more. And test test test!

Media Buying

I will then, plan, negotiate, and implement campaigns to target the right traffic.  Think Google Paid Search, Display, Native, YouTube & video, Facebook/Instagram,  Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Geofencing, Television, Radio, Out-of-Home, Print, Direct Mail, Shopping Channels, Email, and more.


All campaigns will be measured with rigor.  Goal is to optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis, tweak along the way, and maximize your campaign ROI. Tracking includes GA4, Text codes, QR codes, Vanity URLs, Unique phone numbers, Call tracking, and more.

Growth Services That Spark Up Your Leads, Conversions, and Sales


Our combination CRM/Email Marketing/Funnel Building Tool that provides more features and functionality than any platform like it on the market.




Videos on your website have proven to increase conversion rates.  Whether it’s testimonials or leadership videos, we have the tools to make them effective.



We’ve embraced AI in marketing. The tools continue to evolve. Copywriting, Design, TV/Video Production. Even Ad Buying Platforms.  We’ll use them if needed to optimize campaigns and save you budget. 



Besides web forms, conversions can also be via Calls, Texts, or even Chat Bots.  SparkComm is a robust platform that provides marketing tracking related to calls and texting. Get a full look at how audiences engage, by channel, by campaign. 



Everyone still checks their mail. Direct Mail can be an important part of a media mix. We design, generate lists, track, and deploy.




No matter what campaign we build you, and how targeted it is, without a compelling, conversion-friendly landing page, performance will be off. So we can help build them to align with marketing plans.



A top-notch performance marketing plan needs not only great tracking and offers, but great design. I have alliances with freelance experienced creative directors all over the country.



By combining 3rd party data sources with media buys, targeting can be laser-focused to reach those most likely to pay attention to your message.  Data-driven media at it’s finest.


A/B Testing

Testing covering a number of aspects: Audience segments. Email subject lines. Ad creative. Offers. Landing Pages. Ad More. Testing means Learning.




Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the practice of increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website. I’ll work with mine or your creative team to ensure less visitors leave your site without contacting you!


Focus on Measurement

I am an analytics guru.  Spending marketing dollars wisely is critical.  Using Google Analytics 4 and other tools, including lead attribution, helps me optimize wisely and that means higher profit for you!  



Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search targets intent, by keyword of course. If your site is not on the 1st page organically, then paid search is your option. And we having been helping companies generate quality leads for years.


Are You an Ad Agency or Marketing Firm?

  • I can act as your Fractional Media Director
  • I can be an additional media buyer (and or mentor buyers)
  • I can fill a key role if you are short-staffed
  • I can provide strategic channel direction for clients
  • I can provide robust tracking and analytics
  • I can buy TV/Radio/OOH if you just do digital
  • I can help your firm close business

Are You a Company or Organization?

  • I can be your Fractional CMO or Media Director with my experience
  • I can provide strategic channel direction for your firm
  • I can build a robust tracking system to report on all conversions
  • I can support or complement your existing team
  • I can buy TV/Radio/OOH if you just do digital
  • I can manage measurement and analytics, then provide campaign insights

More on Measurement

Tracking with Google Analytics

GA4 is among us, and would be used for website conversion tracking. Goals wil be set up for all offers, and tracked by channel, region, device, landing page, and more. Attribution of course is tracked to give value to a click before the final action or conversion occurs. No worries I got this.

Texting and Call Tracking

Depending on the channel selected, we always find a way to track channels, offers, or creative. When it comes to radio and TV, utilizing a text message platform is a great way to capture leads quickly, and send links to offers. Plus prospects opt-in for other messages.  Additionally, using custom vanity phone numbers within creative as well as the website, is an ideal way to track calls by source.

See Our Call/Text Tool

Vanity URL

A vanity URL is a memorable website URL that does not exist, but is redirected to a unique landing page that shows details of an offer for lead capture, or impulse purchases. Used most commonly on TV or Direct Mail, they allow detailed tracking by these sources.  For example, DRTV could have one vanity URL, and HULU another.  Again, it’s all about robust tracking and measuring ROAS and ROI.

QR Code

QR code technology, which allows cell phone cameras to take pictures and automatically be transfered to a landing page, is a newer form of measurement.  Adding to QR code to a video ad, a direct mail piece, outdoor signage, or even a TV spot, can certainly be tested as a way to measure media easily.

QR Code Tool We Like

Below is just an example of tracking leads and offers using television advertising in this case comparing EFFECTV (used to be Comcast), Broadcast TV direct, and HULU.  In this case, am comparng media buys with two demos; and 4 methods of delivering commercials.  Additionally with OTT and Linear cable TV, comparing 3rd party data targeting with 1st party data (direct household targeting based on HH data sets).

In this case we need 12 different spots, assuming just one creative. Because we are testing channels, demos, and data targeting.  TV spots would be tracked wth vanity URLs, or unique text message codes, for example.  Then buys made, and eventually reporting for each buy segment.  

An example of tracking all leads or prospect engagements by non-online media source. Custom reports combining platform reports as well as GA4, to give us a complete picture of website activity from the media plan

Here is a basic sample of trafficking ads to sources; testing offers and audience segments, and what’s needed to track conversions.

When all is said and done, reporting on all channels with leads, and also buyers’ journey metrics such as assisted and view conversions.

Now a word about attribution when it comes to OTT/CTV. Keep in mind if people watch some TV on their phones, tracking actions such as text keywords, vanity URLs, or calls do not work, right?  That’s why tracking conversion attribution is so important when measuring digital TV.  When spots air on mobile, if the TV platform gives me a tracking pixel for your website, I can track conversion actions that occur later in the buyer’s journey. Below is an example of that, showing various “look-back” windows showing when conversions occur after TV spots are shown to a viewer.

Not all conversion goals are related equal, so I weight them; like in this chart, to better evaluate channel performance by what we decide together as the most important conversions

An example of campaign and segment tracking, with weighted goals, and sample decision-making based on”cost-per-weighted” goal.  Again, making media decisions based on the concept of “did it work?” and optimizing/tweaking campaign segments.

We can track audience segments; we can track offers; we can track channels. We can also track creative elements, like the example below. Headlines, images, landing pages, even ad copy.  All trackable with enough data to make decisions.

One of our AI platform alliances allows businesses of ALL sizes to create low-cost but compelling TV ads and videos. Pick a template, customize, add branding elements, promote offers, add tracking. We’ll put them all together for maximum impact.  Can’t afford TV production? Now you can. And now we can promote your brand on local TV.

What about Media Buys for Branding?

Of course.  With my vast experience buying media over the years, I will buy media to reach your branding goals.  It’s still about targeting and reaching the right people with optimal frequency.  And with added-value.  And, remember, no media mark-ups. Pure retainer pricing.

Paul’s Media Buying Attributes


What makes Paul a great media buyer for TV and radio is that he possesses a combination of skills, knowledge, and qualities that enable him to effectively navigate the dynamic world of media buying. Here are some key factors that contribute to Paul being a successful media buyer.

1. Industry Knowledge: A strong understanding of the TV and radio landscape, including market trends, audience demographics, programming formats, and advertising rates, is crucial. Keeping up with industry developments and changes helps Paul make informed decisions and negotiate effectively.

2. Analytical Abilities: Media buying involves analyzing data and metrics to identify target audiences, evaluate campaign performance, and optimize ad placements. Paul is skilled at interpreting data, conducting research, and using analytical tools to make data-driven decisions.

3. Negotiation Skills: Negotiating with media vendors is an integral part of media buying. Paul possesses strong negotiation skills to secure favorable rates, added value, and optimal placements for his clients. Negotiation skills also help in resolving any issues that may arise during the campaign.

4. Strategic Thinking: Paul provides outstanding thinking to develop effective advertising plans that align with the client’s objectives. This involves understanding the client’s target audience, setting campaign goals, selecting the appropriate media channels, and creating a media mix that maximizes reach and impact.

5. Creativity: While media buying involves data and analytics, Paul understands how creativity plays a significant role in developing compelling ad campaigns. Paul thinks creatively and develops innovative approaches to capture audience attention and differentiate his clients’ brands.


Branding Campaign Objectives


Although a theme is performance, Paul does understand how branding media campaigns play a crucial role in the media mix for B2C advertisers. Here are some reasons why branding is important:

1. Creating Brand Awareness: Branding campaigns help in building awareness and recognition of a brand among the target audience. By consistently presenting the brand’s message, logo, tagline, and visual identity through various media channels, advertisers can increase the brand’s visibility and ensure it remains top of mind.

2. Establishing Brand Identity and Differentiation: Effective branding campaigns communicate the unique value proposition and positioning of a brand. They help establish a brand identity that sets it apart from competitors. By crafting compelling brand stories, advertisers can connect with consumers on an emotional level and foster brand loyalty.

3. Building Trust and Credibility: Consistent branding across media campaigns helps build trust and credibility with consumers. When a brand is consistently presented in a professional and reliable manner, it can enhance consumer perceptions and establish a reputation for quality, reliability, and authenticity.

4. Driving Consumer Engagement: Branding campaigns often leverage creative storytelling and compelling visuals to engage consumers. By creating meaningful and memorable experiences, advertisers can encourage consumers to interact with the brand, share their experiences, and become brand advocates. This engagement can lead to increased brand loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

5. Long-term Brand Building: Branding campaigns focus on building long-term brand equity rather than immediate sales. While direct response advertising aims for immediate conversions, branding campaigns create a foundation for sustained growth by nurturing relationships with consumers and cultivating brand loyalty over time.


Two Examples of Multi-Media Case Studies for Download

NuSpark Consulting partnered with branding and creative agencies to buy robust campaigns for a University and a Health System

Some Media Buying Resource Guides to Download

Hiring a Fractional Media Director like myself can be the best choice for Media Planning and Buying for various reasons. I bring expertise and flexibility, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have the budget or need for a full-time Media Director. Here are some of the key benefits:


I have extensive experience in media planning and buying across multiple industries and platforms. I can provide valuable insights and recommendations to help your business achieve its advertising objectives

Cost savings

I typically work on a part-time basis, which means I can be more affordable than hiring a full-time employee. This is particularly advantageous for businesses with limited budgets or fluctuating media needs.


As your business grows, I can adjust my services accordingly. This means that I can continue to provide value as your media needs evolve, without the need for costly rehiring or restructuring.

Access to resources

I have established relationships with media vendors and can leverage connections to negotiate favorable rates and placements for your business. I also have access to specialized tools and software to help optimize your media plans.


Focus on core business

By outsourcing your media planning and buying to a Fractional Media Director like me, you can free up internal resources to focus on core business activities. This can result in increased productivity and better overall business performance.

Fresh perspective

Bringing in myself can offer a fresh perspective on your media strategy. I can identify opportunities or areas for improvement that may have been overlooked by internal teams, ultimately improving your overall media performance.

Let’s Grow Your Business and Optimize Media Performance.  Discovery Call First

Before NuSpark, Paul Mosenson had leadership roles on the client-side as well as a large advertising agency in Delaware and Pennsylvania

1990s:  Regional Marketing Manager

Media Buying; Retail Lead Generation

2000s: Director Of Media

B2B & B2C Media Planning & Buying

2010s-Pr: Media Director, White-Label

Direct Response Media Buying

Various B2C Customers of Paul Mosenson

Our local store in Philadelphia went national in 2015 with an online ecommerce presence. We hired Paul Mosenson to help build our brand and generate sales on our website, in addition to generating increases store traffic. Glad to say that Paul’s partnership has helped us grow beyond expectations. Paul managed our search, display, and Facebook ad programs successfully. Plus our DRTV campaigns gave us a huge boost. Sales and conversions continue to increase. His attention to detail and strategic direction as a tactician and consultant have been second-to-none. I recommend him highly.

Matthew Sulby

President, Unclaimed Diamonds

We hired Paul and his team to manage our digital lead generation program as well as giving our website a facelift to increase our conversions. With Paul’s guidance, our site is much more engaging, and we have seen a strong increase in leads. We were impressed by his marketing knowledge and win-win approach. I’d recommend him to any business looking to grow further.
Ron Richter

CEO, ProFresh

We have been well served and well satisfied with the work and service provided by the NuSpark. Our strong enrollment numbers lend further credence to the valuable work he and his team performed on behalf of the University. It is my pleasure to recommend Paul Mosenson to your serious consideration.”

S. Maureen McGarrity, CSFN, PhD

President, Holy Famiy University

We were looking to up-level our eCommerce marketing tactics and have utilized Paul Mosenson to assist us in our direction to drive conversions and sales. We like his “growth-hacking” mentality by planning innovative video campaign and lead magnet funnel programs to drive sales. In addition, he provides us with conversion rate optimization, and is very strategic when it comes to AB testing. We recommend Paul for any start-up or eCommerce firm looking to ramp up revenue and growth.

Jonathan Parker

Co-founder, Lean Factor and Z Natural Foods

Paul Mosenson has been integral part of our start-ups by contributing to their strategic direction with thoughtful and compelling recommendations and insights. He’s much more than a fractional CMO; he builds landing pages, implements lead gen programs and optimizes them regularly, and is always offering new ideas that contribute to our success. And, we’re impressed by his negotiating skills and his attention to detail. For any start-up ready to grow further, I recommend Paul highly!

Corey Park

Founder & Chairman, Academic Technology Ventures

Paul’s expertise as media strategist contributed highly to our hospital’s branding campaign in enhancing positive awareness in the communities we serve. I believe his thoughtful planning strategy, which included a blend of online and offline strategies, helped us advance our clinical service lines further toward desired volume and revenue goals. Furthermore, the service commitment and work-ethic he demonstrated, as part of our team, were welcomed and much appreciated. I would certainly recommend Paul Mosenson to any firm or organization wanting to communicate more effectively to capture and grow business.

Richard Bellamente

Retired Director, Underwood Memorial Hospital, NJ

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