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Measuring Digital Media Campaigns


6 Ways to Track Performance with Calls-to-Action

Form Tracking

The most common conversion action is a web form. Whether they redirect to a Thank You page, or a popup message, the forms must be easy to fill out and work well on mobile.

Promo Codes

If you have a web form, we can add a promo code field, which allows a redirect to a discount purchase or offer coupon. Advertised along with a message on TV or radio, for example, a prospect can enter that promo code, unique to a medium, to test which medium worked best.

Phone Call Tracking

Phone tracking works two ways. 1. On your website where our tools allow dynamic number insertion (DNI), replacing your regular number with a unique number assigned to a source or campaign. 2. Promoted on non-digital media, so that a unique number may appear on TV, on radio, print, or mail.

Text Messaging

Another way to promote offers is advertising a text message on TV or radio, for example.  Each medium, or testing variable (station, offer, audience segment) can have it’s unique keyword, then users receive a text message offer or landing page link, and we can track results by variable.

Vanity URL

A vanity URL is a memorable website URL that does not exist, but is redirected to a unique landing page that shows details of an offer for lead capture. Used most commonly on TV or Direct Mail, they allow detailed tracking by these sources.  For example, DRTV could have one vanity URL, and HULU another.

QR Code

QR code technology, which allows cell phone cameras to take pictures and automatically be transfered to a landing page, is a newer form of measurement.  Adding to QR code to a video ad, a direct mail piece, outdoor signage, or even a TV spot, can certainly be tested as a way to measure media easily.

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Examples of TV Tracking

These spots, taken from TV tracking services, show examples of how companies overlay offers and as well as their measurement approaches

Renewal by Anderson

Home Services

QR Code


Weight Loss Franchise

Unique Phone Number & Vanity URL


Medical Treatment

Text Messaging



Promo Code

Medicare Coverage


Unique Phone Number

Holy Family University


Vanity URL

Credit Associates

Financal Services

QR Code & Unique Number

Tropical Smoothie

Food & Beverage

QR Code

Peptiva / GNC

Supplement at Retailer

Text Messaging

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