Introducing Funnel-Spark

Give Your Revenue Growth a New Spark


Fractional Funnel Officers Ready to Step in and Accelerate Sales & Revenue.

Three Fractional Officers Working Together for One Goal: Drive Revenue


Is your team struggling with closing rates? We’ll review and optimize your entire sales process to ensure all prospects are being touched properly, with trust and with the proper message and cadence.  Growth projections are at stake.

Lead Qualification

Before sales gets prospects to present to, we will make sure we have built a robust cadence of emails, calls, and social outreach plan, with sales engagement tools, to persuade magnet leads to commit to an appointment.

Lead Generation

Lead magnets provide clues your prospects have problems. We’ll build content marketing campaigns to generate mid-funnel leads for follow-up. We’ll develop the magnets, promote them, and capture  leads with them. It’s how trust begins.

What We Do

  • Let’s talk about revenue growth, and how it needs to work for any firm with a hungry sales team.
  • Our Sales process improves your close rate.  Our Qualification process improves appointment rate.
  • Our Marketing process drives more leads into your funnel, and they will be closer to buying.

We manage all of this as your partner, as your team, or with your team.

Spark Your Sales
  • Coach salespeople on message, approach, follow-up
  • Evaluate sales team strengths/weaknesses
  • Evaluate sales tech and recommend/implement tools
  • Manage and report on sales metrics
  • Optimize CRM process, usage, pipelines, goals
  • Review and optimize proposals that work
  • Review target audience segments: update as needed
  • Set sales targets for sales team
  • Train on LinkedIN engagement and social selling
  • Work with marketing on message and cadence
Spark Your Appointments
  • Build and manage robust email/call/text cadence
  • Build custom scripts that engage prospects quickly
  • Coach existing inside sales team
  • Comprehensive reporting on conversations and appointment rates
  • Evaluate sales engagement tech and recommend
  • Follow-up with site visitors and engaged prospects
  • Implement sales videos in cadences
  • Optimize lead qualifying process
  • Utilize LinkedIn outreach to attract targeted prospects
  • Work with marketing on thought leadership message deployment
Spark Your Marketing
  • Build email workflows to nurture prospects with problem-solution-offer message formats
  • Build lead magnets that attract prospects with needs and pain points
  • Build your brand story to ensure messages resonate with buyers
  • Develop and implement a cold outreach program based on lead intent
  • Develop and implement an effective paid search advertising plan
  • Develop and implement an inbound and social media marketing plan
  • Develop and implement landing pages that are optimized for conversions
  • Validate or tweak your website messages and value proposition

We Promise, Better:

The Fractional Team

Fractional Sales Officer: Brett Julian. Brett is an accomplished sales leader, and has taken the lead to become Funnel-Spark’s lead sales officer. He is one of the leading outsourced sales coaches with national alliance SalesQB.  LinkedIN

Fractional Outbound Officer: Tim Dodd. Tim can be considered an outsourced SDR, but does much more. LinkedIn outreach, email, and calls, with the to goal to generate qualified high appointment rates, and he’s skilled at the cadence process. LinkedIN

Fractional Marketing Officer: Paul Mosenson. Learn about me throughout the site, as NuSpark Consulting Managing Director, but in a nutshell, I drive mid-funnel leads to firms by building a robust and effect demand generation process with lead magnets as the focus.


A Brett Testimonial

“I worked directly with Brett in a sales capacity over a two year period. Additionally, I have known him over twenty years. Brett is a detail oriented, pragmatic, ethical, entrepreneur with tremendous drive, discipline and tenacity. He has thrived at every endeavor he pursued and I would strongly recommend him for any results oriented venture.”


A Tim Testimonial

“Tim has an absolute knack for being in the right place at the right time. Critical for the work he does (helping companies like us grow). There are ten million businesses out there promising to pack your calendar with leads. We’ve spent a lot on many of those, much of it’s nonsense. Our experience with Tim was the opposite. He’s had a huge impact on our business, and continues to be a major advocate for our success.”


A Paul Testimonial

“Paul Mosenson has been an invaluable asset to our growth. As our Fractional CMO he helped us fine-tune our messages and value prop, improved our cost-per-lead from all of our marketing channels, and helped us generate new quality leads with content marketing programs.  He’s recommended highly for any firm looking to grow further.”

Let’s Spark Your Tech Too!

If you have a good CRM, great!  If not, we can use SparkLead. A CRM and Email solution all-in-one at a fraction of the cost.

Flexible Relationships

If you currently have a Marketing Director/Manager, Inside sales, or a Sales Director, no worries. We can work with them as a team! We coach, we mentor, and we can optimize together. A discussion we can have when we engage so we can define roles.

Multiple Industry Experience

No industry types stop us from growing them. Technology, SaaS, Manufacturing, Business Services, Financial Services, even B2C. You’ll see.  The team has experience in almost every business category.

Low-Cost Tools

We have many tools that help us build marketing and sales campaigns.  CRM, Video tools, Webinar tools, Lead Capture widgets, Intent databases, sales cadence tools, and more.  They are robust and complement our funnel optimization process.

Moderate Pricing

Generally our fees are much less than others in the space. Our typical retainers are $6000/mo. if you use two of our services, and $7500 for all 3 services. Cost of software, lead magnets extra, but we’ll include our CRM in the cost.

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