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Introducing Funnel-Spark

Give Your Revenue Growth a New Spark


Fractional Funnel Officers Ready to Step in and Accelerate Sales & Revenue.

Multiple Fractional Growth Officers Working Together for One Goal: Drive Revenue


Is your team struggling with closing rates? We’ll review and optimize your entire sales process to ensure all prospects are being touched properly, with trust and with the proper message and cadence.  Growth projections are at stake.

Lead Qualification

Before sales gets prospects to present to, we will make sure we have built a robust cadence of emails, calls, and social outreach plan, with sales engagement tools, to persuade magnet leads to commit to an appointment.

Lead Generation

Lead magnets provide clues your prospects have problems. We’ll build content marketing campaigns to generate mid-funnel leads for follow-up. We’ll develop the magnets, promote them, and capture  leads with them. It’s how trust begins.

What We Do

  • Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark, does what he does best; drive top and mid-funnel leads close to buying.
  • Then the Fractional Sales Alliances as needed, qualifies leads, makes appointments, coaches existing sales teams, closes deals.

We manage all of this as your partner, as your team, or with your team.

Spark Your Sales
  • Developing effective sales strategies and processes that are tailored to your products or services and your target customers.
  • Monitor salespeople’s performance to identify areas where they need additional support or training.
  • Evaluate sales team strengths/weaknesses
  • Identifying areas for improvement such as the ability to close deals, handle objections, or build rapport with customers.
  • Providing training and feedback to help reps improve their skills and techniques. This may involve role-playing exercises, mock sales calls, or other forms of training.
  • Motivate and encourage sales teams to achieve their goals and targets, providing guidance and support as needed.
  • Evaluate sales tech and recommend/implement tools
  • Manage and report on sales metrics
  • Optimize CRM process, usage, pipelines, goals
  • Review and optimize proposals that work
  • Review target audience segments: update as needed
  • Set sales targets for sales team
  • Train on LinkedIN engagement and social selling
  • Work with marketing on message and cadence
Spark Your Appointments; Calls & Emails
  • Lead qualification. Qualifying the lead to determine if they are a good fit for the company’s product or service
  • Build and manage robust email/call/text cadence
  • Build custom scripts that engage prospects quickly
  • Comprehensive reporting on conversations and appointment rates
  • Evaluate sales engagement tech and recommend
  • Follow-up with site visitors and engaged prospects
  • Implement sales videos in cadences
  • Scheduling the appointments
Spark Your Appointments, LinkedIn Social Selling
  • Optimize key personnel LinkedIn profiles
  • Build target audiences on LinkedIn for outreach
  • Create automated messaging covering connection requests and follow-ups
  • Drive appointments via LinkedIn messaging and email
  • Utilize tools strategically to manage the automated process safely
  • Report on message cadences and meetings booked
  • Scheduling the appointments
Spark Your Marketing
  • Developing marketing plans:  Develop comprehensive marketing plans that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

  • Identify marketing opportunities that can help businesses reach their target audience, such as events, partnerships, or new channels.

  • Provide guidance on branding and messaging to ensure that businesses are communicating effectively with their target audience.
  • Advise businesses on digital marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.
  • Build email workflows to nurture prospects with problem-solution-offer message formats
  • Build lead magnets that attract prospects with needs and pain points
  • Develop and implement a cold outreach program based on lead intent
  • Develop and implement an effective paid search advertising plan
  • Develop and implement an inbound and social media marketing plan
  • Develop and implement landing pages that are optimized for conversions
  • Validate or tweak your website messages and value proposition
  • Analyze the performance of marketing campaigns and adjust strategies as needed to optimize results.

We Promise, Better:

The Fractional Revenue Team


Fractional Sales Coach:  Take advantage of our national sales consultant alliances to help your existing sales team perform better and sell more deals from the leads you currenty get or the new leads that NuSpark drives for you.  More on the team of sales coaches here.


Fractional Engagement Officer: Tim Dodd. Tim can be considered an outsourced outbound/engagement officer, but does much more. LinkedIn outreach, email, enhanced prospect engagement, with the goal to generate qualified appointments and sales, and he’s skilled at the cadence process.

Fractional SDR Officer: Amy Rubinstein. Amy is a specialist at making appointments with a skilled and proven process. Prospects who download lead magnets are ready for the next step in the sales process.  Amy Opens Doors.

Fractional Marketing Officer: Paul Mosenson. Learn about me throughout the site, as NuSpark Consulting Managing Director, but in a nutshell, I drive mid-funnel leads to firms by building a robust and effect demand generation process with lead magnets as the focus.

Revenue Growth Process

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