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Here’s an overview of how I build the foundations to generating quality leads, with clues, with lead magnets. Sales wins.

Lead Generation for B2B: Let’s Feed Your Sales Teams with Quality Leads Close to Buying

Revenue Growth Starts with a Robust Lead Gen Plan


I am Paul Mosenson.  Founder of NuSpark.   By having me manage your lead generation programs, I will answer the question- “did it work?”  Everything I do between me and my alliance team is about answering that question, and optimizing constantly.

It’s all about sales.  It’s all about ROI.  It’s all about results. Take a look around….

Sample Results

  • eCommerce Client: Transactions Up 70% 70%
  • University Client: Enrollment Up 40% 40%
  • Financial Services Client: New Accounts Up 25% 25%
  • Retail Client: Sales Up 80% 80%
  • National Weight Loss Program: Revenue Up 30% 30%
  • Auto Insurance Client: Applications Up 25% 25%
  • Supplement Product: Sales Up 40% 40%
  • Consumer Goods Client: Conversion Rate Up 28% 28%

B2B Growth Channels


There’s a number of approaches to lead generation for your B2B or SaaS firm. Luckily Paul has experience with a number of the tools and tactics that will attract the attention of your prospects and turn them into qualified leads.  Martech is constantly changing and updating; and that means keeping up to speed with these changes, to your benefit.


Learn more about the 3 Pillars of Lead Generation

Search Engine Marketing

Drive leads based on keyword intent. Learn more.


Drive leads by promoting your solutions and lead magnets to specific targets we obtain. Learn more.


Drive leads by promoting your solutions and lead magnets within content your targets read online. Learn more.

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