How I Promote It


Choosing the right media channels and executing them properly with efficient pricing is both an art and a science. Luckily, I have many years’ experience planning and buying media for clients of all types and sizes, utilizing traditional and digital media. My goal is to choose the media vehicles that are most likely to grab the eyes and ears of your target audience.

Your media plan includes:
  • A thorough target audience assessment — primary and secondary research that digs into your ideal prospects’ wants, needs and media consumption habits
  • A determination of the right media spending level to reach your audience most efficiently
  • A media mix that is the perfect blend for your business and target audience, covering both traditional and digital media, and including search engine marketing and social media
  • A time-tested and proven results-oriented process to customize media plans to meet your objectives:
    • Identify campaign goals and objectives
    • Establish a framework for measurement
    • Define target audiences of buyers and influencers
    • Evaluate media options for cost and effectiveness
    • Implement and optimize


Get a detailed look at my media capabilities on my sister media buying website, NuSpark Media

There are many, many channels and platforms to choose from, and I have experience with a multitude of them covering both B2B and B2C targets. Below is a chart showcasing many of the platforms and channels I have worked with.

In addition, I use LiveRamp, a robust identity resolution platform. LiveRamp’s identity resolution services include 1st party data onboarding and the transfer of 3rd party offline data online for marketing purposes. Contact me and I can explain exactly how LiveRamp can target your audiences with more focus and clarity.

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