How I Find & Outreach to Cold Prospects

Cold Outreach Process

If you’re a small business, you want to reach audiences strategically and affordably.  In the US, as you know we can be bombarded by emails, but if executed properly, with the right messaging, you CAN stand out, and generate engagements, whether they be appointments, or lead magnets that lead to qualified sales.

I’ll manage this type of campaign for you. Bear in mind there’s a process to this. 

  • Buy an alternate domain, similar to yours, for your main domain spam protection.
  • Set up an SMTP server capable of sending large scale email deployments.
  • Warm up your domain (there are tools that do this, like Lemwarm)
  • List research based on your target audience. Once we have counts, we will verify them to limit spam issues. Lists will include emails for outreach.  Many lists will also include phone numbers; of which my tele-services alliances would use for appointment-setting.
  • Then I will prepare email campaigns and call scripts for outbound outreach
  • Tools all include measurement and reporting, including A/B tests.

The chart to the right or below shows many of the cold outreach tools I use.

For more information on these tools, as well as the outbound process, see my sister site, Your Revenue Growth Team.


A sampling of the tools I use to manage cold email outreach  for clients.

Example of a cold outreach cadence

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