Revenue Enablement

“The process by which you most efficiently & effectively acquire and maintain customers by maximizing revenue gained through each stage of a customer’s journey; aligning Marketing, Sales & Service.”


Start the race to revenue growth with:


Yes or No? In this new environment…

  • Is generating net new leads still a priority?
  • Is continually building trust with prospects vital?
  • Is increasing your market share still a goal?
  • When the climate settles, do you wish to be ahead of your competitors?
  • Is an objective still to drive revenue, but be more efficient to optimize ROI?

It’s not a marketing or sales strategy you need, it’s a revenue growth strategy. We can accelerate your sales pipeline, lower customer acquistion costs, increase customer lifetime value, improve conversion rates, and help grow your revenue.  It begins with complementary assessments, then a plan to increase leads, demand, and sales. Get a Head Start.



Assess-Build-Implement. Now. Because Your Competitors Are

Falling behind in revenue generation— even in this time of uncertainty — is not an option for your business. Your competitors are likely pivoting and working to optimize revenue now. You need to also. With HeadStart600.

By signing up for HeadStart600, you’ll be better positioned to winGet a Head Start.  Or Fall Behind.  Your Choice.

This unique program can begin improving your entire lead-to-sales pipeline now.  This is the essence of revenue enablement.

HeadStart600 positions you to win

Introducing HeadStart600An affordable program from seasoned marketing and sales experts.

We begin with our complimentary assessments that details what works, what doesn’t, and recommendations that will contribute to your Head Start. These assessments as a group are typically priced in the $5K range but with what’s going on, we wish to offer them pro bono in order to build relationships and show the value we bring. Then, you choose the services that work for you.  Depending on what you need, elements covered in your free revenue enablement audit may include:

You receive a strategic audit of your marketing direction before the disruption. We’ll evaluate everything from soup to nuts. Our report will detail what worked, what didn’t, and recommendations that will contribute to your head start.  

We begin with your message and brand. These are the seeds to determining or assessing your market position. Your website message and look/feel is a prospect’s first impression. Where lead generation starts.

  • Branding & Value. Is your value proposition clear? Do you have branding that is shows who you are and what you sell? Do you know how clients make should decisions or solve problems? Can clients tell why they should choose you over a competitor? This is the first step to revenue generation. We’ll assess it with you.
  • Visual Design. Your design complements your branding strategy. We’ll review your website from a design perspective as well as other visual assets such as landing pages, emails, logo, colors, fonts to ensure consistency and brand support.
  • Website Message. Is your website content and messaging clear? Is it structured to easily navigate? Are you sharing the right feature/benefit mix for your offerings? How about including case studies, industry news, key events, and more.  Your website must convince prospects. It’s the first impression.  We’ll evaluate and assess.

Many B2B companies’ have been determining budget reallocation strategy since live events had be cancelled or going online. We can assist you in reviewing those budget allocations and determining where it would have the most impact to meet your goals. Ultimately, Marketing is still going to be tasked with showing positive ROI despite the crisis. You still need to create brand awareness in your market. And, we can help make optimizations where needed for your paid channels. You still need to increase/maintain awareness, build a healthy pipeline, and generate leads for Sales on an ongoing basis. Our assessments will help drive you there.

  • Paid Media Channels. Are you utilizing the right channels with the right targeting and messaging?  We give an assessment on your paid search campaigns, shopping channels, display tactics, advertising programs, lead generation campaigns and more. We’ll audit ad messages, all strategies, tactics, costs, targeting, and ROI and then we’ll offer insights & recommendations.
  • SEO. Do you know if your most profitable products and services are ranked high on Google? We’ll audit your website from a crawlability perspective and current keyword rankings. We look at technical issues, content issues, link issues, and recommendations to increase search engine organic rank for your most important and profitable products and services.  Also includes competitive audit, link profile, site speed.
  • Social Media. How do your marketing and sales teams utilize social media to find and engage with prospects? Our social media assessment reviews on how they are using social media to engage with prospects and customers.  We focus on Facebook and LinkedIn from a marketing AND sales perspective, studying content sharing, engagement, and key metrics.
  • Google Analytics. A comprehensive review of your website traffic.  We’ll audit where they come from, how long they stay, and when they leave your site, and also insure you’re tracking the correct goals.



Once leads are captured, it’s now time to review your closing rates and how they can be improved. Used to evaluate the effectiveness of all sales processes, a sales audit helps businesses to find out the areas of their sales process that need improving.  Our sales audit covers the major steps needed to improve and get you ready for post-disruption. Elements covered.

  • An assessment of talent and training. Knowing each salesperson has a unique style, is your sales leadership coaching them individually based on strengths and weaknesses.
  • What tools do your salespeople use to prospect and engage and how are they using them. This now includes remote tools.  Additionally, is the CRM being utilized properly to target various segments.  We also assess forecasting tools, and sales training needs.
  • General sales process: How are leads qualified. Are inbound and outbound sales teams on the same page. Are there sales manuals and achievable quotas? How to they present proposals and follow-up to finalize deals? Is each stage of the sales process defined?
  • Lead management: A review of general qualification approaches and lead scoring. Are the definitions of marketing-qualified leads and sales-qualified leads correct and relevant and agreed upon with marketing. An audit of general sales metrics to achieve goals.
  • Content and sales resources. Do sales have the proper and customized content to contribute to better presentations and closing rates?  This may include presentation messaging, relevant case studies, educational problem-solving content. In other words, sales enablement tools properly utilized.

First we perform a conversion rate optimization audit. We need to ensure that everything is in place to capture as many leads as possible. It’s what Google calls the Zero Moment of Truth.

  • Conversion Optimization. A robust look at all the elements designed to segue a site visitor to become an inquiry. We cover your offers, web forms, content assets, conversion rates, and also your current email/lead nurture campaigns.


While the specific sales and marketing audits are being done, we’ll review your entire pipeline metrics. We will assess where you’ve been, what you can project today, and set goals for tomorrow and the future.  It’s based on our lead generation calculator shown on our measurement page.  The metrics we review for B2B go like this:

  • Incoming web traffic
  • Website leads and conversion rate
  • Marketing qualified leads rate
  • Sales qualified leads rate
  • Closing rate/ win rates
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Total net revenue; total and per new customer

Then we perform calculations based on expected improvements that we implement if we begin an engagement.  The results can be eye-opening with just small strategic fixes!

It’s also very important that Sales and Marketing are indeed aligned together to ensure there is a shared focus moving forward. It’s not business as usual as you know. Your clients’ and prospects’ environments and buying behaviors are certainly different during this uncertain time. Are you determining how they’re spending or reallocating their budgets. Addressing their needs now? These are types of questions we will ask.

With this new reality, it is likely time to update your eCommerce business and perform a holistic evaluation of your eCommerce strategy. If you sell products on your site, or you ask prospects for product quotes, then optimizing your eCommerce platform is a critical component to generating increased leads and sales and shifting more of your focus to an online business. The audit will analyze the journey between product view to purchase; with the goal to find gaps.

  • Category and product pages: Navigation. Sorting & filtering. Product copy & images. Pricing strategy. Offers.
  • Transaction analysis. Best and worst performing products. Upsell & cross-sell tactics. Ease of check-out.
  • Cart & Checkout. A deep review of the workflow between cart and purchase or Get Quote actions
  • Platform analysis.  Options. Plug-ins. Features. Costs.  Recommendations

At the heart of any marketing optimization program is the quality of your CRM data.  With a data assessment we cover two general categories. Data Quality- the method of assessing the quality of the data by examining for inconsistent, inaccurate, incomplete, or unreasonable data values, and Data Cleaning- the method of correcting the data based on its quality.  Data Cleaning includes Migration, Standardization, Merging, Rebuilding, De-Duplication, Normalization, Verifying, Enriching & appending missing data. During this downturn, cleaning and updating your data is critical to do now.

Our assessment will take a deep dive into your CRM data, and we’ll offer insights and cleaning recommendations, with the goals to improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns, productivity, and revenue.  It’s an integral portion of HeadStart600. Better data means better prospect engagement and productivity.

Affordable & Proven Marketing & Sales Services

After you approve our recommendations from the free audits, you choose the services that mesh best with your existing team or process. We implement managed services based on our recommendations. These are affordable retainers — priced at $600 each per month for each element of marketing, lead generation, or sales assistance.  Pay for only what you need.

That way, we both get the benefits of a win-win relationship.

You get…

  • Top-notch work, just as we do for all our clients, but with significantly reduced fees.
  • Flexibility from many services; all working together cohesively. Even if you should have some of services already, you choose what you need. Our project manager will include your team with ours to the gain the best flexibility, customization, and end result. 
  • Our commitment to achieving a head start to revenue generation versus your competitors.

We get …

  • A relationship based on expertise and results and the potential for a longer-term engagement.
  • Your commitment to work with us in good faith and transparency, where we both contribute to the success of the program, campaign, and/or effort.

Marketing, lead generation, or sales assistance elements you choose from based on the results of our assessments: 


  • Messaging & Value Proposition Strategy: Platform development to identify and refine unique customer value perspective, includes Positioning, Benefits,  Features, and Proof Points.
  • Content Development: Marketing or Sales enablement content development/copywriting, including specifically agreed to content, campaign, or activity development, such as upgrades and enhancements to website/landing pages, collateral, fact sheets, newsletters, presentations.
  • Blogging: Two blogs per month. Repurposed into newsletters for email marketing and nurture, as well as sales to share with prospects and customers. Plus, blogging contributes highly to SEO efforts.
  • Media Management: Display advertising campaigns. Social media ad programs. Directory marketing management. Publication/website media planning and execution (ads, newsletters, eblasts, sponsorships). Traditional media (print, TV, Outdoor), Direct Marketing.
  • Paid Search Management: Management of Google and Microsoft search campaigns. Also, Google shopping channel management & optimization.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Technical, content, and keyword ranking strategies. Meta tag optimization (titles and descriptions).  10 keyword phrases optimized per quarter (then new set of 10 keywords next quarter, etc.)  3rd party citations (link building). Information architecture tweaks.
  • Social Media Marketing: Profile content posting and curation sharing (based on trending blogs and articles we discover). Engagement metric optimization. Ongoing posting on Facebook and LinkedIn company pages. YouTube video optimization.
  • Design Services: Covers updates to website design elements, web form optimization, landing page design, ad creation. PDF design, and various minor design needs.
  • eCommerce: Ongoing site management and updates. Product updates. Specific product SEO implementations. Transaction & product revenue analysis and recommendations. Conversion rate optimization and A/B testing.
  • Email Marketing: Staying in front of prospects as well as current customers is critical today and likely the near future. We will manage email content and platforms for all relevant segments as well as landing page messages aligned to the email and marketing offers with a focus on optimizing email open rates, click rates, and lead capture. 
  • Data Services: The audit above identifies issues with your data.  Our ongoing data services solves those issues, as we begin the cleaning process, and perform data enrichment activities. We’ll identify, remove, revise, append, and optimize your database. 
  • Sales Enablement: Management of your sales and marketing teams as well as NuSpark team to build custom content and interactive presentations for prospects utilizing sales enablement partner Mediafly.
  • Tele-Services: If inside sales prospecting is of concern, you may utilize our affordable alliance to help build your pipeline. Depending on needs, our retainer will include a mix of appointment setting, tele-nurture, or cold calling from targeted lists. If we engage, we can review priorities.
  • Social Media Selling: How is your sales team using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator?  Are they utilizing all the tools and features?  We’ll help your salespeople engage with prospects properly with helpful content and take advantage of the social network’s many tools that will help them rise above competitors.
  • Sales Management: A sales consultancy is priced custom. When you inquire with us for our discovery call, we’ll introduce you to Sales Xceleration to discuss a specific engagement.  An outsourced Sales Consultant acting as a VP of Sales or similar can greatly enhance your sales process and contribute to more deals.

Your firm needs to master the soft sell right now, and that’s all about continuing to educate and offer robust problem-solving content to buyers. If you’re not communicating, you lose continuity, and your competitors may be jumping ahead. We’ll put together a content strategy for you addressing your buyer’s needs. We map content topics and offers to each of the buyer’s questions and challenges, showing exactly how to move customers from awareness to loyalty in each phase of the customer journey.

Because we create a content strategy before writing a single blog post or eBook, you can rest assured that the content we create for you will serve a purpose, attracting your prospects, building awareness, and nurturing leads.

The strategy ensures your content:

  • Is unique, relevant and provides value
  • Answers prospect questions and addresses their concerns
  • Demonstrates thought leadership
  • Moves your audience systematically through the buying cycle

We craft content that helps your company to:

  • Build awareness:  Communicating problems and solutions.  Formats include blogs, videos, white papers, eBooks, webinars
  • Stimulate interest: Educatng your audience with in-depth content that covers what they need to consider a solution. Formats include eBooks, white papers, virtual events and webinars
  • Foster buying decisions: This is content that demonstrates the proof of your solutions.  Formats include case studies, product guides, demos, trials.

This kind of content is ideal to build your sales enablement presentations to buyers. The longer-form content as described above will be priced accordingly based on need and scope, but priced very reasonable to fit your budget.

At NuSpark we use a variety of copywriting specialists, many listed here, to support our efforts.

Samples of our creative work can be found on our sister site here.

  • Our monthly retainers are priced based on basic services as detailed above. Any projects deemed out of scope (like web redesign), or needs extra hours beyond a typical task will be priced extra but affordable.
  • A sales consultancy is also extra. When you inquire with us for our discovery call, we’ll introduce you to Sales Xceleration to discuss a specific engagement.
  • In addition, all engagements include Project Management to manage all projects and campaigns.  Also includes analytics & custom reporting dashboards on campaign results. Plus, budget monitoring, flow charts, and project plans.


Meet the Team

I’m Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Consulting, a revenue optimization firm, with a team of seasoned and expert practitioners to support you through this new era by providing complimentary assessments and affordable work.  I specialize in lead and demand generation strategy and implementation, as well as analytics. We are with you and at your service.

The takeaways

  • Yes, we have business stress.
  • Yes, we have business survival that we think about.
  • Yes, closing rates may be delayed.



Your prospects are likely working remotely, and they are always thinking about improving their own businesses for the future- better software- better controls- better products- better services.  They are home reading more, on social more, learning more, and more open to reading papers and webinars.  Regarding lead generation, staying engaged with prospects and customers is critical.  We’ll help you do that. 

It’s all about content. It’s all about education.  It’s all about relationship building. Eventually, it’s all about closing

Let’s get a Head Start and win the race. 

First step: Planning a Discovery Call with NuSpark Founder Paul Mosenson

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When Marketing & Sales align, like we have, you achieve higher revenue growth

  • Organizations with tightly-aligned sales and marketing had 36% higher customer retention rates and achieved 38% higher sales win rates. – MarketingProfs
  • Companies with dynamic, adaptable sales and marketing processes had an average of 10% more of their sales people on quota – CSO Insights
  • Aligned organizations achieved an average of 32% annual revenue growth while less aligned companies reported an average 7% decline in revenue – Forrester Research
  • B2B organizations with aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster growth and 27% faster profit growth over a three year period – Sirius Decisions·

What Our Clients are Saying

Paul Mosenson has proven to be a great partner for us. What I appreciate the most is that he’s always proactive, constantly looking to improve our campaigns and find new lead sources. He’s accessible 24/7; unlike many agencies, you never question whether Paul is committed to your success. He’s like an extension of your team. Additionally, he’s a thought leader on content marketing, lead nurturing, the buyer’s journey, and demand generation. NuSpark has nailed our content, which isn’t easy for a technical SaaS product such as ours.

Jamil Khan

Director of Product Marketing, Galileo Performance Explorer

Paul Mosenson has been extremely valuable with helping us develop a comprehensive demand generation plan in the United States and Europe. Utilizing their full scope of inbound marketing and content development services, our lead generation goals were far exceeded. Paul and his team have provided exceptional service and are always coming up with new marketing ideas for us to implement. I would highly recommend Paul and his team to any firm looking to grow the number of quality leads in their funnel.

Jeff Kalter


We hired NuSpark Marketing to give our website a facelift, manage our digital lead generation program and increase our conversions. With NuSpark’s assistance, our site is much more engaging, and we have seen a strong increase in leads. We were impressed by their marketing knowledge and win-win approach. I’d recommend NuSpark Marketing to any business looking to grow.

Robert W. Ortmann

Principal, ZOH Architects

John Rugh is an incredibly skilled and dedicated copywriter. John can turn some of the most mundane content into an engaging and interesting work of art. He consistently produces content above and beyond our expectations and always in a timely manner. His expertise and dedication have proven to be a valuable asset to our team and I would highly recommend him!

Jory Hutchins

Senior Director, Creative & Technology at HiP B2B

Michael Nolan brought in the sales structure and strategy we needed to be successful.


Machinery Manufacturng Company


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