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A growth hacker is someone who uses creative, low-cost strategies to help businesses acquire and retain customers.  A typically new field in marketing, growth hacking combines lead generation tools, data and low cost martech to grow businesses.  Growth Hacking is ideal for startups because of the limited budgets and resources, but it also lends itself to larger firms as well,

The goal of growth hacking is to acquire as many users or customers as possible while spending as little as possible. Growth hackers like myself tend to be obsessive, curious, and analytical:

  • We focus solely on strategies related to growing businesses.
  • We hypothesize, prioritize and test innovative growth tactics using a mix of content, tools, and aggressive funnel building to drive leads and sales.
  • We consistently analyze and test to see what’s working.

A growth hacker is less concerned about the steps that should be taken or tools that should be used, and more interested in using analytical thinking for identifying growth opportunities. Growth hacking is often adopted by startups and companies who want to gain exposure and grow their revenues and customer bases rapidly while using low-cost solutions and keeping the cost per customer acquisition at a minimum.

It seems there’s thousands of tools out there to sort through, with the goal to utilize them to grown and manage business growth.   Some of the most compelling ones are those that focus on lead funnels and sales funnel campaigns; tools that use landing pages to capture leads, and email follow-ups that focus on selling with special offers.  Traditionally this is called marketing automation, and nurture sequence building. But growth hacking funnel tools can be more robust, more direct, and more flexible. Many combine integrations with conferencing tools, appointment setting tools, and contact management, a la a CRM.

That said, here’s a bunch of sales funnel/ lead funnel platforms to consider.


Leadpages helps small businesses construct visually appealing, high-conversion landing pages, and combines them with those mini lead generation widgets such as alert bars, pop-ups, opt-in texts, and more.  One of the more cost-effective tools.


ClickFunnels is one of the most popular funnel builder programs out there. Build robust landing page; and compelling funnel sequences that drive sales in a dynamic manner.  Templates include sales pages, upsell pages, and membership sign-up pages.


Wishpond is an all-encompassing marketing platform that separates itself to include contest/sweepstake elements and referral program tools as well as website popups and even call tracking tools, besides robust landing page and email/automation builders.


Kajabi is another comprehensive lead management platform combining easy-to-build landing pages and automated emails. Platform elements include e-learning product launch tools, website builder, and full campaign automation.


Builderall  focuses on fast websites/landing pages using their own servers, easy integrations with affiliates, website lead gen widgets, and easy super checkouts for ecommerce.  It has a robust tool suite for small businesses looking to scale.


GetResponse another all-in-one marketing machine that like the rest focuses on landing pages, email marketing campaigns, lead magnet funnel building, and a webinar promotion tools, plus many other integrations, from CRMS to ecommerce platforms.


Kartra touts itself as the greatest all-in-one platform ever.  Well not sure about that, it but does have many features and options. Landing pages. Lead management. Membership tools, funnels and campaigns, calendars, forms, affiliate management and more.


ThriveCart focuses on eCommerce startups and smaller firms. It’s a pretty cool platform with many “point and click” features such as 1-click upsells, eCommerce funnel builders, affiliate center, coupon creation, custom offer URLs, quick checkouts, membership integrations, robust cart management, and much more.


Focused more on mid-sized businesses with lead generation goals, Sharpspring is a robust marketing automation/sales management platform. Features include great email and landing page templates, funnel building campaign management, dynamic form building, CRM integrations, social media management, and robust reporting. And, I am certified!


GoHighLevel actually markets itself to agencies like myself rather than direct-to-customers.  The focus is having myself add clients to it and help them build funnels, landing pages, and forms, but also integrate a CRM/contact management system to drive leads to more actions.  Unique features include call management, voice mails, calendar scheduling, and texting.  I’m trained on this platform.


Bonus Tools


The Everwebinar platform focuses on lead generation and sales building via webinars.  Create pre-recorded webinars, schedule them easily, robust webinar landing pages, follow-up clickable offers, email automation and funnel building, SMS texting, live chat, CRM integration, and much more.



Not really a lead funnel, but a cool reward and sweepstakes platform. Upviral builds buzz and potential customer databases with a mix of viral sweepstakes, rewards, and waitlist tools with a mix of widgets and popups.  I like it because of multiple integrations in many popular web and email platforms, including Clickfunnels listed above.  Take a look!.



A sales funnel is made up of a series of steps that consist of various marketing assets, for example, guides, webinars, social media campaigns, landing pages and email. If done right, setting up a sales funnel can greatly streamline a nurture process and give a prospect an enhanced and better experience that ultimately guides them to what they’re looking for, which translates into sales.

Remember the tools are one thing, but developing the strategy, the content, the design, and the analytics is another. That’s where we at NuSpark Consulting comes in.

If you’d like to chat more about some of these platforms and see if they are a fit to your business, let’s have a chat.  Set up a call with me, Paul Mosenson, here, or email me.