Paid Search (PPC) Audit


If you’re running Google paid search ads, the strategy certainly can be a challenge. You know the benefits: Immediate presence on the first page of results, the ability to present offers and promotion, and the opportunity to generate clicks over competitors.

How do you know you or your team are managing Google Ads campaigns properly; and getting the most out your budget. What about measuring the right KPIs for performance?  Managing paid search encompasses not just the ads and keywords, but your landing pages or product pages as well, and are they optimized for conversion?

As an accomplished lead generator and Google Partner, Paul Mosenson/NuSpark Consulting can help make the channel more effective and efficient. I am offering a free audit to review your current campaigns and make strategic recommendations for improvement.  You have committed to the channel, and are likely using a significant budget on search, but let’s make sure it’s being spent properly so your profit is maximized.



Audit Categories

  • Account structure (campaigns, ad groups)
  • Keyword strategy (term review, match type, negatives)
  • Ad creative (selling points, offers)
  • Ad extensions
  • Settings optimization
  • Audiences (site audiences, similar, interests, demos)
  • Tracking links (URL structure, campaign tags)
  • Bidding assessment (manual versus auto bidding tactics)
  • Budget optimization
  • Quality score improvement recommendations
  • Landing page analysis (message, design, forms)
  • Offer and Promotions
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Google Shopping review (with Google Merchant Center)
  • Google Analytics tracking and conversion
  • Call Tracking
  • Display advertising and retargeting
  • Summary of recommendations





What Next?

My goal is to begin an engagement with you; and offer marketing consultant services as described on the website. I’ll work directly as your outsourced CMO, or in a consultancy role with your team. My wish is to contribute to your growth.

Among my services offered is paid search management. By optimize the channel properly, campaigns will be more effective, and that means increased marketing ROI.  I have many years’ experience helping both B2B and eCommerce firms grow successfully.

Therefore, please sign up, and we’ll start with an initial discovery session on your products, services, and current benchmarks.


Sleep better at night.  It starts here.

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