Fractional CMO Approach

If you’re an executive and you are considering the fractional CMO model for your firm, you’ve come to the right place.  As you look around my website, you’ll appreciate the breadth and depth of what I can offer you.  But there’s much more!

First the advantages of hiring a Fractional CMO

  • Whether you have an existing marketing team or not, a fractional CMO provides you a general direction on a comprehensive marketing strategy; from branding to martech selection, from messaging to proper channels to promotional strategy, and all the way through to conversion optimization.
  • A lower-cost alternative to hiring a full time CMO, but we act as strategic partner to you, optimizing and analyzing all aspects of marketing, lead generation, and sales engagement, just without the high price tag.
  • Fractional CMOs have a wide variety of experiences across multiple industries, and what we have learned in the past can benefit your firm.

Now, why Paul Mosenson and NuSpark Consulting

  • Over 35 years of experience contributing to a wide variety of a clients’ success. I dig deep into campaign strategy and tactic optimization with a focus on date driven results and marketing ROI.
  • My passion for helping businesses of all sizes succeed and grow. I’m a life-long learner and always exploring new opportunities to get your value across to prospects most likely to pay attention, click, and convert. I am also passionate about martech and adtech but understand it’s not the tools that make you grow, it’s the people and strategy behind those tools that together grows your business.
  • My focus is a concept called Buyer’s Journey Optimization; meaning improving all aspects of the customer journey; from click attraction and message  to conversion and sales.
  • I am the only Fractional CMO in the world (I do believe) that is equally skilled at B2B lead generation, B2C and ecommerce marketing, TV and traditional media buying, growth hacking, and app development/app-install marketing (as I have my own app).


Plus, my association with a top-notch and proven international fractional CMO organization, gigCMO.

gigCMO was established in 2016 in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities – London – to provide growth solutions for established business and start-ups.  They do this by enabling you to access some of the most experienced and talented business leaders available in the World, but at a “fraction” of the price. The advantages of my relationship with gigCMO:

  • When you engage with me, I utilize the international gigCMO team to complement and enhance marketing solutions offered you. I really do not know everything (do you?) but when great minds get together to problem-solve, you receive the best all-around marketing plan and strategy, and that’s to your benefit.
  • If you’re a firm looking to grow internationally, even in today’s environment, then utilizing the gigCMO team as support is critical. No other CMO organization in the USA offers this international focus, and as a firm that needs to do business more effectively across the ocean, there’s no better option than choosing NuSpark and gigCMO as your global marketing partner.
  • Even if you just do business in the states, the gigCMO international perspective on building marketing programs provides you with a unique insight and direction that no other organization can offer.
  • gigCMO provide you access to top tier international marketing talent through three distinct and affordable routes: Marketing Talent in Demand, CEO Whisperer and the gigCMO Roundtable and all are available virtually.

Imagine getting some of the best commercial marketing talent focused on your export business. Many exporters from around the globe have used the Roundtable to succeed – read of one our popular blog pieces here on how best to use this service.

gigCMO’s ideal Fractional CMO is someone who has reached a point in their career where they are no longer striving principally for personal gain. With a rich CV and knowledge gained through the hard graft of years going through the ranks, they bring integrity, trust and a seasoned outside perspective to your business in order to guide it forwards, either in general or through a particular growth phase.

Yes, some of them have Fortune 500 experience but more importantly all of them have experienced the challenges of SMEs, whether scale ups or start ups. They have seen the world not just corporate offices. They use the tools and insights gleaned from daily battles for survival. They know what it is to get their hands dirty – they provide strategy, deliver tactics and a let’s get it done philosophy. More Iwo Jima than arm-chair generals.

gigCMO. Fractional Chief Marketing Officers

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There’s no better alternative to optimize your marketing strategy and planning than the team here.  No other fractional CMO service can do what we do including those on the “outside.”  Experience. Talent.  Results-Driven. Revenue Growth is #1.  Let’s chat.




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