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Facebook Lead Generation

Paul’s Approach to Facebook/Meta for Lead Generation

B2B marketing on Facebook requires a targeted strategy that focuses on reaching the right individuals within the right organizations. Due to Facebook’s immense user base and comprehensive targeting tools, businesses can identify, engage, and nurture prospective clients effectively. The first step in a successful B2B Facebook strategy is identifying your ideal client profile (ICP). Understanding your ICP’s job role, industry, company size, and related demographics will help you better focus your targeting efforts. Once your ICP is identified, you can use Facebook’s ad targeting options like ‘Interest Targeting’ and ‘Behavior Targeting’ to reach individuals who fit your ICP criteria. We show examples below.

Of course, the next part of a B2B Facebook strategy involves crafting content that is relevant, engaging, and adds value to the target audience. B2B buyers are not making impulsive decisions; they are often looking for solutions to specific problems and are driven by logic and ROI. Therefore, your content needs to highlight how your product or service solves their problems and offers the best return on investment. Educational webinars, how-to guides, and whitepapers are examples of content that may resonate with B2B audiences.  Facebook’s Lead Generation objective is the most common tactic we use at NuSpark.


Example of B2B Targeting Options

Founder Paul Mosenson is a master of creating very targeted audience segments on Facebook by overlaying multiple segments; narrowing the audience, and using audience exclusions in order limit waste. Below are many examples of B2B segments, and below that example lead generation ads.

In addition, we can bring data partners from our LiveRamp integration into Facebook (as well as LinkedIn and other online platforms) for more B2B target options. See videos.

Example SaaS Industry audiences

Example CEO Audience targets

Example of Facebook Lead Generation Ads