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eCommerce Marketing Services

Ecommerce marketing is all about one thing: BUY. NOW.  Prospects buy when they are convinced your products solve their need, with the right price, and with limited risk (guarantees, refund policy, security icons, etc.).

Ads and search engine messages convince to click, your website convinces to view products, and offers and proof elements convince to buy.  You know your conversion rate; imagine your revenue if it doubled.  A big part of my marketing consultation services focuses on conversion rate optimization.

Among Paul’s services for eCommerce are:

  • Assess your website for content and navigation, and make changes if necessary, to increase engagement, and conversion rates
  • Align landing pages with offers, and test landing page elements for conversion rate increase.
  • Diagnose your revenue goal process; and review your eCommerce website analytics, including assisted conversions and paths to purchase.
  • Work with your team to plan a robust traffic-generating marketing plan, including paid search, SEO, native ads, Google and Amazon shopping, social media, online media, retargeting. A review of your feed strategy and Google Merchant Center as well.
  • If appropriate, based on my experience buying media, I’ll buy television and radio as well, including programmatic and streaming.
  • Develop a conversion optimization plan, including product page navigation, reviews and ratings, trust elements, and call-to-action purchase process. Heat mapping and user experience will be reviewed.
  • Review eCommerce email marketing; abandonment emails, customer up-sell emails, and other offers and cadence strategy.

Together we’ll build a consistent influx of buyers to grow your sales and profit. 

Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Consulting, has been managing marketing campaigns for over 30 years. A former Media Director at advertising agencies, Paul’s experience and understanding of the entire lead to sales purchase funnel is second to none

I partner with a top-notch eCommerce development and design form, Virtina.  Certified in 10+platforms, Virtina worrks with us to develop a robust eCommerce growth strategy, then custom builds the shopping solution right for you.  The focus is conversion rate, and revenue lift.  Besides an optimized shopping engine, we’ll also make sure the email marketing/CRM solutions are set up properly; with recommended upsell/cross-sell cadences.

Typical Results

Category: Ecommerce
Product: Personal Care



Category: B-To-B
Target: Human Resource Execs



Category: B-To-B
Target: CIOs



Category: B-To-c
TYPE: University