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eBook: Buyer’s Journey Marketing Optimization-Manufacturers & Industrial Firms

Is this your firm?

Not enough qualified leads?
Revenue growth slow?
Struggling to close leads?
Not sure about how to measure marketing ROI?

If any of these pertain to you, then you need my eBook,
Optimize the Buyer’s Journey for More Sales.
It’s a whirlwind tour of marketing optimization. 

I’m Paul Mosenson, Long-Time Marketing Consultant & Fractional CMO. I have been helping firms like yours grow for many years. There’s no substitute for experience. Let’s learn how marketing optimization grows revenue and profit.

For this eBook, I focus on manufacturing firms and the industrial sector of B2B, but anyone can read it and get insights.

The purpose of my eBook is to help you grow your business online. After reading it, I hope that you will learn how to prepare a marketing strategy that will generate highly targeted website traffic, and how to convert those visitors into qualified sales leads that your salespeople will nurture into deals.

Among the topics covered:

Does your website work to capture qualified leads?

How to calculate ROI the right way.

Buyer personas and targeting.

Fixing your website content to increase engagement and conversion.

Generating message Interest via ads and search engines.

SEO; but keeping it real.

Content marketing throughout the journey to lead-gen.

Determining offers and lead magnets.

Convincing and Conversion tactics.

Email marketing and nurture planning.

Choosing advertising channels properly.

Building trust and reassurance.

Measurement and conversion tracking best practices.

Customer Lifetime Value Metrics.

Revenue Growth Goals (and how to sleep better at night).

Ready to grow this year and beyond? Download the eBook. 

BJ ebook

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Target: CIOs



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