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Conversion Rate Audit


Your website or landing page conversion rate is the most critical metric when it comes to measuring the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.  Conversion rate optimization (or CRO) cannot be taken lightly. Whether your focus is B2B lead generation or eCommerce, slight improvements could drastically increase sales and profits.

Look at your current site and don’t settle; we at NuSpark Consulting can fix what’s wrong or make what’s OK much better.  If you do track your conversion rate, especially on mobile devices, what do you think the impact on your business would be if your conversion rate doubled?  Right.  It all starts with a free audit.


Audit Categories

  • Initial benchmarks (taken from your current analytics)
  • Conversion goal tracking (set up properly)
  • Website messaging (convincing style)
  • Copy analysis (benefit vs. feature mix)
  • Landing pages for lead generation
  • Lead capture elements (newsletters, overlays, gated content, web forms)
  • Credibility analysis (social proof, trust builders)
  • Promotional strategy (Calls to-action, offer tactics & execution)
  • Shopping cart experience (cart flow & steps to purchase, UX/UI)
  • Product pages (focused copy, design, discount/offer structure)
  • Other persuasive elements (refunds, guarantees, chat, safety/security)
  • Abandonment tactics (email strategy, retargeting)
  • Summary of recommendations with improvement scenarios.




What Next?

My goal is to begin an engagement with you; and offer marketing consultant services as described on the website. I’ll work directly as your outsourced CMO, or in a consultancy role with your team. My wish is to contribute to your growth.  Among my services offered is conversion rate optimization. By improving conversion rate elements, the other services I provide to drive traffic will work much better, and that means increased marketing ROI.  I have many years’ experience helping both B2B and eCommerce firms grow successfully.

Therefore, please sign up, and we’ll set up with an initial discovery session to review your products, services, and objectives. After we begin an engagement, my content and development team along with myself will begin implementing the strategic recommendations to drive up your conversion rate.

Sleep better at night.  It starts here.

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