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Your homepage is often the first stop when someone visits your website, and you need to make a great first impression if you are looking to convert your traffic into revenue. As your website’s selling point, the homepage should build trust, engage and sell. A great homepage copy should effectively communicate what you offer as well as the value you bring to your customers in the simplest and most appealing manner. For most people, creating a homepage copy that converts can prove to be challenging. Here are some of the best practices on homepage copywriting to help you boost your conversion rates and increase your company’s revenue.

1. Show your Value Proposition

A catchy headline will capture the attention of your homepage readers, but your value proposition will keep them and even turn them into your loyal customers. Think about what sells your brand, what value it adds to your customers and why they should choose you and not your competitors.

The best way to do this is to focus on the benefits your brand brings to the table. For example, no one is interested in knowing that the phones you sell are slim, what they want to know is how your gadget being slim makes their user experience better. You can begin by finding out what your existing clients love about your brand as a way of getting ideas for your value proposition. Remember, it is not about you, but what is in it for your web-page visitor looking for solutions.

2. Use Simple Language

No matter how professional or serious your website may seem, you have to communicate in a clear and simple manner to your potential client if you want your leads to convert. Create your homepage copy using a natural and conversational tone so that it sounds like you are directly addressing the reader. Otherwise, you risk your homepage sounding like a complex report of sorts that will chase your site’s visitors away.

Avoid too much jargon, hyperboles and long complex sentences that wear out the reader. Instead, opt for short simple and even broken sentences that convey the message in an easy to understand manner. Power words like instant, new, and free in your homepage copy can make a whole difference in turning your high bounce rates into conversions.

3. Begin with the Most Important Information

Humans generally have a short attention span and most people tend to quickly skim through web pages looking for what is relevant to their needs. Start your homepage copy with the most important information so that it is among the first things a potential client encounters on visiting your site.

Expose your homepage visitors to content that will stimulate their decision making earlier on as opposed to saving the best for last. This way, if your leads get too tired to go through your entire page, you will have communicated what they need to know and influenced them into taking action.

4. Include a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

While some of your site’s visitors may have already made up their minds by the time they visit your homepage, most of them need a little encouragement. A clear call to action (CTA) is essential for nudging your potential customer into taking any action you would like them to. Whether you want them to learn more about your products, sign up, subscribe, make an order, or check out your offers, you need to direct them on the next step after going your homepage.

If your client is pleased with what they see on your homepage, you can be sure that they’ll convert. It is recommended that your homepage should only have one CTA that reflects the most important step you would like your page’s visitors to take. Don’t stuff it with lots of CTAs as it may be overwhelming and confusing to your potential client.

5. Easy Navigation

A homepage that is too clustered or makes it difficult to access important information will soon tire out your leads. Make your homepage easy to navigate by using headings and subheadings to clearly indicate the different sections in it. Also, you should make links to other related pages easy to spot. Utilize bullet point and numbers for an easy-to-read copy.

The design and structure of your homepage should be visually appealing and easy to follow. This enables your site’s visitors to quickly find what they are looking for and make decisions, leading to high conversion rates.

The Bottom Line

Traffic may be good, but if there is no conversion, then you are not maximizing your website. You can turn your leads into conversions by making simple adjustments to your homepage copy so that it has a positive impact on your potential clients. Follow the above homepage copywriting best practices and improve your website’s conversion rates.