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For General B2B & Tech Firms

B2B Lead Generation

For a B2B firm needing leads,  you know how critical it is to capture targeted traffic on your landing pages, and turn them into MQL and sales-accepted leads for your sales team.

Attracting prospects and turning them into sales is called demand generation, which is defined as messaging that attracts initial interest to your landing pages, then nurturing inquiries that convert into qualified leads.

You know this; the importance of content marketing and marketing automation programs that, if planned and managed properly, segue top of funnel leads to bottom funnel qualified leads throughout a buyer’s journey.  Managing marketing stacks, data and CRM, trade shows and channel partners, media and search, content and social, and ROI reporting, is a daunting task.

That’s where Paul comes in, to help manage the process, and ensure that all those specific elements are optimized properly, which in turn will increase conversion rates, revenue, and sales.

Among our services for B2B  are:

  • Review your buyer’s needs and who they are, and how they seek out products, and assess buying cycles. Then match cycles to message (called content mapping) by persona.
  • Assess your website for content and navigation, and make changes if necessary, to increase engagement, and conversion rates
  • Diagnose your revenue goal process; and determine sales-qualified leads targets, and inquiry targets to reach your goals
  • Work with your team to plan a robust traffic-generating marketing plan, including paid search, SEO, trade publications, social media, content syndication, online media, retargeting
  • Develop a lead-generating marketing plan including conversion optimization, lead magnets such as content downloads and webinars.
  • Review your content marketing strategy as well as your marketing automation/lead nurturing tactics with a keen eye on proper message sequencing by persona and offer. Account-based marketing tactics will be reviewed as well.

We also want to ensure marketing and sales teams are on the same page as far as lead definitions and content/offer strategy and utilize your CRM together in order to better close the qualified leads we get your firm. Together we’ll build a consistent inbound pipeline of qualified leads to you.

Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Consulting, has been managing B2B campaigns for over 30 years. A former Media Director at B2B marketing agencies, Paul’s experience and understanding of the entire lead funnel, and what makes inquiries become qualified leads, is second to none.

Typical Results

Category: Ecommerce
Product: Personal Care



Category: B-To-B
Target: Human Resource Execs



Category: B-To-B
Target: CIOs



Category: B-To-c
TYPE: University