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As CEO or executive of a small business organization, you understand how important lead generation is to revenue optimization.

A successful B2B marketing campaign is one that prioritizes high-quality traffic over quantity. It enables you to create a marketing funnel that converts in a way that earns you several dollars for each one spent.

7 Affordable Lead Generation Ideas for B2Bs

The following small business marketing tips are guaranteed to give you profitable results:

  • Diversify Your Content

Merely having an online presence is not enough to market your business. With each new website that comes up, competition for consumers’ eyeballs becomes stiffer. Since information overload leads to reduced attention span, do your best to post content that keeps your readers hooked.

This includes concise articles, images to break the monotony of words, and videos. Consider recording podcasts for busy audiences to listen to on the move as well as shareable content such as infographics. This diversity reaches a wider audience while increasing their chances of sharing your content with other industry peers. If one of your content pieces goes viral, the resulting free traffic will include some great leads.

  • Social Media

As the world’s largest professional networking site, LinkedIn is one of the best B2B lead generation solutions. According to the site, 80% of its members influence business decisions. LinkedIn’s audience also has a higher buying power than average web users. This makes it an extremely powerful platform for targeted marketing.

You can attract interest in your services by merely completing your profile, engaging in discussions with other members, and sharing useful content such as professional articles. You also get to choose and interact with the exact kind of professionals your lead generation efforts are customized for. Premium marketing solutions such as sponsored content, Lead Gen Forms, and real-time reporting convert very well.

  • Networking

Connecting with other business owners and key decision makers results in long term benefits for you. Networking is important both offline and online. When reaching out to industry peers, it’s important to show them you have something valuable to offer. You can do this by politely offering them free tips on how they can improve their product offering.

If impressed by what you offer for free, they’ll be more likely to pay for your premium services. Another great way of generating leads is being active in question-and-answer sites like Quora, as well as industry-specific forums. People visiting such sites have very specific needs, so helping them with solutions makes it easier to convert into buyers.

  • SEO and SEM

Both search engine optimization and search engine marketing aim to achieve the same goal; the highest possible SERP ranking. SEO involves methods such as utilizing keywords, posting relevant content and getting high authority backlinks. While this might take some time and have mixed outcomes, SEM has instant results.

A paid search brings immediate, high-quality traffic to your online products. Because these people are specifically looking for those particular products, conversion rates are very impressive. Search engines offer flexible budget requirements for such ad campaigns. That way you can start with a modest budget and scale up if the results are positive.

  • Collaboration

This is another creative, fun and affordable way to generate leads. It requires you to join forces with your potential customers in a project that presents a win-win scenario for each party. You could guest post on their blogs, or feature on each other’s social media channels. You could also brainstorm on ideas that solve industry-wide problems.

Such teamwork exposes you to new, high-value clients. It also takes a relatively shorter time and less money to convert them as compared to other marketing methods.

  • Email Marketing

You can never go wrong with this method because over the years it has been proved to have outsized ROIs. Some of its benefits include precise targeting and retargeting, affordable costs, proven revenue generation, ease of use, and scalability.

Other than reaching your audience instantly, email marketing campaign results are easy to analyze. This tells you exactly how potential buyers are responding to your marketing efforts. It also shows you where you should spend more money for maximum sales.

  • Web Referrals

Affiliate marketing comes in handy if you don’t have the funds to conduct expensive marketing campaigns. By paying a commission for every lead or conversion, you do away with the potential financial waste other marketing methods might cause.

Referrals do the heavy work of marketing your products across the internet, but you only pay if they succeed in converting a lead. That way, you’re assured that every dollar is wisely spent.

Final Thoughts

If you implement these ideas successfully, your business is bound to attract high-quality leads. You’re also guaranteed higher profit margins than similarly sized competitors, regardless of their marketing budget.

Their biggest advantage is the ability to scale or tweak the relevant sales funnel to adapt to related products. The sooner you put them into practice, the faster your bottom line will improve.