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With near 3 billion smartphone users in the world, it makes sense that the mobile app industry continues to grow. And of course, most of those uses look at their phones frequently; in fact, on average every 12 minutes. Most of that time is spent on apps.

If you’re planning to develop an app, you have two goals. 1. Users need to download your app.  2. Users need to use your app.  Easier said than done.  According to research, 70% of app users churn every 90 days. The quality of your app, from content to user experience is a key.

For those who see this page the first time, I am Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark, a marketing consultant, media buyer, and fractional CMO. I have also recently founded my own app, Sports Debatable, an app that offers sports debates to users. Going through the process from idea to development to growth, with analytics throughout the process, I offer basic app development and marketing services as well to entrepreneurs as well as small/mid-size business.  I utilize two organizations to support your efforts.

App Growth Network

This is a group of data-driven app marketing experts that I partner with to perform several services to support app strategy and growth tactics.  They serve app owners and developers who have passion for their idea and product but lack the budget or resources required for app success.


An Award-winning app development company based in the Philadelphia area. First, they build prototype screen designs; turning ideas into a vision. Then, the app development process itself, iOS and Android. Throughout the process, SemperCon provides strategic consultation and ongoing support to ensure the app performs well from a UX/UI standpoint.

NuSpark Consulting

I focus on building the app website, complementary social media pages, and user surveys.  Then after the app is launched, I manage app install media campaigns, tracking and analytics of all performance. Additionally, I work with SemperCon to install app advertising network and mediation SDKs for revenue generation.  In addition, I utilize my freelance content and design team to build app store and app advertising assets.


Below is a matrix showing our app marketing services by partner, including NuSpark.

In addition, some of the platforms we use to market your app.

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