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Using ChatGPT for Email Marketing Content


Leveraging ChatGPT in Email Marketing Strategies

ChatGPT can be a versatile tool for email marketers, aiding in every phase of the email marketing journey. This AI can create catchy subject lines, compelling email content, and provide answers for questions about list development and email deliverability enhancement.

As an email marketer, these are some advantages of employing ChatGPT:

  • Accelerate email creation. ChatGPT’s ability to produce email content swiftly and in real-time is astounding. Input your prompt, and within a span of fewer than 10 seconds, you’ll have a preliminary draft of your email, potentially saving hours for you or your marketing team.
  • Generate fresh ideas. Drawing on a vast amount of human-written text data, ChatGPT can assist in crafting quality email concepts that might be entirely new to you.
  • A/B testing. ChatGPT can produce varying versions of an email, each differing slightly in subject lines or content. These can be used for A/B testing by sending them to limited segments of your list. The best-performing version can then be sent to your entire list, thereby amplifying the return on your email campaign.
  • Constructive feedback. ChatGPT has the capability to provide useful feedback on your content. Simply paste your content in the text box and ask for improvement suggestions. ChatGPT will then identify potential areas of enhancement, such as greetings, or any missing components like unstated product benefits.

How Can ChatGPT Contribute to an Email Campaign?

ChatGPT brings value to email campaigns by facilitating the customization and automation of email content creation. It can serve as an AI-driven generator for email subject lines, cold email templates, sales emails, impactful email subject lines, and as a means to save time in email copywriting.

For instance, ChatGPT can generate tailored cold email subject lines and body content based on recipient data, which enhances the likelihood of recipients engaging with the email. Furthermore, the tool’s AI-generated content can be employed to automatically answer frequently asked questions, freeing up valuable time and resources for the email campaign team.

Prompt Examples

Below is a chart showing examples of prompts; covering message theme, formats, and styles. There’s so much you can test with it, and we use it at NuSpark to help with compelling email messages, where the lists are cold, or opt-in.   Click image to download.

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