For Marketing/Ad Agencies

A Marketing Consultant Partnering with a Marketing/Ad Agency Just Makes Sense. Here’s Why.

You pride yourself in providing good value for your clients. You may have good designers, writers, social media managers, search marketers, digital media buyers, and more.  Your firm has a talent for creating innovation design work that grab attention.

However, what if, you had a strategic senior-level marketing consultant that can act as another set of eyes, and can provide overall direction on campaigns, strategies, and analytics?  It’s OK to be smart, but if your agency were even smarter, you could:

  • Add more value to current clients by providing more strategic thinking that contributes to increased sales and conversions.
  • Increase your prospect close rate by having someone like me contribute to your RFPs.

And here’s something else. If you need someone with my over 35 years’ experience to manage digital media buying, lead generation, content marketing, and search, I can contribute there too.

Experience Counts

With over 35 years’ experience in marketing and media, rest assured you would be working with a seasoned expert that can drive performance for your clients.   Equally proficient with B2B and B2C industry categories, I can ensure that programs are working effectively and efficiently, with a keen eye on analytics and ROI.

How I Can Help Your Clients & Your Agency Grow

I am a strategic leader and work with you and your clients by developing and implementing growth strategies that work.

  1. Outsourced VP of Strategy, for example.

I act as a trusted advisor or “another set of eyes” by working with the marketing team with the goal to review all the elements that lead to revenue growth and make strategic recommendations along the way.  I focus on buyer’s journey optimization.  As you explore my site, you’ll understand how it works.

  1. Manage Media and Search Campaigns

Take a look at my sister site, NuSpark Media, and you’ll learn all about my buying services: digital media, search, traditional media, and more.  I enjoy working as a white-label for smaller agencies, because I provide better value than younger workers who just aren’t as experienced with marketing as myself

Let’s Chat

If all this sounds intriguing, let’s set up a call with my scheduling link and set the stage to having you and your clients sleeping better at night.


Typical Results

Category: Ecommerce
Product: Personal Care



Category: B-To-B
Target: Human Resource Execs



Category: B-To-B
Target: CIOs



Category: B-To-c
TYPE: University