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Paul has more than 35 years helping companies grow and become more profitable


Although based outside Philadelphia, his clients are regional, national, and international – and opportunities to travel and meet new people make his work exciting.

He has been in marketing since 1984 – and has enjoyed more than 35 years helping companies grow and become more profitable. From his early days in franchise marketing to his middle years running media programs at ad agencies and then the last few years running NuSpark Consulting  (NuSpark Marketing is the LLC), a demand generation and media strategy company, he offers clients an experienced, well-rounded, ROI-driven marketing consultant that stays current with the latest in martech and adtech platforms.

But, it’s not just the tools; it’s the deep understanding of how to align buyer needs with your message and offers. He will drive quality traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate in order to drive revenue.


Why You Will Grow with Paul

Because Paul will provide you results; and contribute to your revenue growth like never before.  Sales can’t do their job unless you are generating enough good quality leads.  That’s why marketing and conversion optimization are so important.  It’s what Paul does.  With rigor and focus.  With passion.

Plus he is quite personable to work with. You, your team, and Paul, will have an awesome relationship.  It’s Ok to talk sports, music, and he hopes to make you laugh or groan with a pun or two.  The point is, we are people; humans, with emotions.  His desire to help you grow is second to none.  You’ll see.”



More About Paul

  • Avid sports fan and statistical junkie. He even has a sports app called Sports Debatable.
  • Music collector (He goes back to the 30s- rock, blues, pop, jazz). He is a part-time DJ.
  • Volunteering – He helps small non-profits  with their marketing strategies.
  • Wanna-be stand-up comic – He likes to make people laugh with his dry sense of humor.

Previous Roles

Media Director, AB&C Creative Communications 

Directed all media planning, buying, and placement strategies for clients in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, tourism, non-profit, and business-to-business. Provided key contributions to agency growth by conceiving and implementing unique marketing strategies that exceeded client goals.

Media Supervisor, Al Paul Lefton Agency         

Directed all media related tasks for clients in industries including electronics, transportation, computer software, and other B2B fields. Focused media plans on efficient and effective strategies including sponsorships, e-newsletters, mailing lists, custom editorial, and print space.

Regional Marketing Manager, Nutri/System   

Managed marketing plan and lead generation development and implementation initiatives for various east coast markets, including TV, radio, OOH, and print. Promoted to manage the upstate New York market as well.

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